Amazing Secret Will Explode Your Team Building

Team Building: Pushing Boulders Up Hill

I was listening to one of our top leaders talk on team building today and just had to share this.  I had never thought of this as “Pushing Boulders Up Hill” before.

Matt Morris is known as “The Unemployed Millionaire” and for good reason, He knows how to build a huge team.

I always know that I’m going to get some hugely valuable tidbit to help increase my team building skills and help my team.

In his blog post today he talked about taking your business from the ordinary to extraordinary.

Pushing Boulders Up Hill

I personally had never heard of Team Building put this way.  What do boulders have to do with building a large Network PushingBoulersMarketing organization?

Once I understood what he was talking about it all made sense.  Not only in the building part but in why people don’t build.

Think about it, how hard is it to push a boulder up a hill.  Pretty silly question, right.  Now think about how hard is it to push that same boulder once you have reached the top.

Once you are at the top it only takes a little push to keep the boulder going, certainly not what it took to get it up the mountain.

So here’s the concept behind the pushing of boulders when it comes to building your team.

What you are going to do is find those leaders or teammates that are wanting to work and on fire to build their business.

You start pushing them up the hill.  Now in the beginning it’s going to take work and effort on both parties to make this work but it will work.

Once you get them to the top now all you need is the occasional push to keeps things going and on track.

Now here’s where the magic happens.  First once you do this with one top person you will probably be at the six figure earning position.

If you want to get to that significant income place then you need to go back down the hill and start again with another candidate.

Now, what happens is that the leaders that you have pushed up the hill start the same process with their teams and now you have a whole team of people pushing boulders up the hill.

That’s called MOMENTUM!

This the secret that the big leaders understand that the rest of us miss.  Building Leaders that Build Leaders, that Build Leaders and on and on.

I learned a long time ago that if you really want to maximize your efforts then you need to learn how to create new leaders or in this case people pushing boulders.

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