Secret Formula To An Effective Marketing SystemHaving an Effective Marketing System to build your Network Marketing company is something that every home business builder needs to have and use.

What I’m going to talk about today is about having an effective system to build and marketing your Home Business.

This is about having a system that is duplicatable to your team and something they want to do.

The best system in the world for your team isn’t any good if everyone can’t do it and nobody wants to use it.

Secret Formula To An Effective Marketing System

So, to have a great system you have to make it simple and effective.

It needs to be something that anyone can do no matter what their education level is.

So, let me share with you what I believe to be the formula for a great system

1.   Simple To Use

When I say, simple to use what I mean is that a child could use it.

What I love about this new age of Technology is that all you have to do is point someone to a resource and have them click play.

The key is to have a system that is structured to have effective videos and a step by step path to take.

In our company, we use a 3-7-30 system.

The first exposure is a 3-minute overview video that we have the team send to the prospect

If from there the prospect needs more information they would send a more detailed 7-minute video.

From this point, they would be taken to our 30-minute webinar giving them all the details.

This is a very straightforward and easy to use marketing system.

We even have an app that allows them to do all of the through sharing text, email or social media.

This is what I mean by an easy to use marketing system.

2.   Easy To Teach

This tip goes along with number one.

If you have an easy to use marketing system, it should be easy to teach.

The challenge most company or teams have is their systems are complex and hard to teach others.

So having a system that works is not the only criteria for a great system.

It needs to be easy to teach so that you can pass the teaching on to your downline leaders with ease.

You DO NOT want to be the person that is the go-to person for all of the training.

I love this quote from Ray Higdon – “Teach to Teach so You Can Go To The Beach.”

Your system needs to be something that anyone and everyone can teach their team!

You can see with the system that I shared with you above we have zero challenges teaching our team the system.

3.   Duplicatable

Can you see how these tips are all fitting together?

If you have an easy to use, system, that’s easy to teach then your prospecting system will become very duplicatable.

Having a system that’s duplicatable is critical to the growth of your team.

This is one of the reasons I love our system because it’s so easy to use and duplicatable.

Once you have a process that can continue on its own without your constant intervention you will have the structure for a huge team.

4.   Something People Want to Use

This tip just makes sense to me.

You want to have a prospecting system that people want to use.

No matter how easy it is if your team hates using it or being a part of it, it won’t work.

A good example is requiring your people to do 3-way calls with their upline when they are dealing with a prospect.

This can be a big drawback when it comes to having a system will duplicate.

Most people would rather not be doing 3-way calls with their teammates all day long.

So, just be careful when you put your system together that it doesn’t require people to do, learn or teach something they are not going to want to do.

I understand that there is always going to be people out there who won’t like something about your system but when you look at the majority what do you see?

On this particular Tip, I’m just suggesting caution with your system.

5.   Readily Available

Last but not least is availability.

Your system can’t be a system that costs an arm and a leg.

When people get started they are looking for a program that is all-inclusive.

Can you present to them a paid program down the line, absolutely?

But, I believe in the beginning they need to know that there is a prospecting system in place that everyone they bring on can use.

I’m certainly not against having a paid marketing system in place for your team. 

The challenge is that not everyone on your team may be able to afford to pay for a marketing system.

That said once they can you should have a recommendation or paid system available for them to use also.

Secret Formula To An Effective Marketing System – Video

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Secret Formula To An Effective Marketing System – Summary

So, the secret to having an effective marketing/prospecting system is easy to use, easy to teach and duplicatable.

I am so blessed that our company and team have exactly this kind of system to build our business.

If you do not or your team/company does not then you seriously need to do one of two things.

Find someone on your team that does have one or create your own.

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