Are You A Failure? If Not Then Why NotThat’s the question of the day, Are You A Failure and if you are not then the next question for you is Why Not and what should you do about it?

You are probably screaming WHAT!!!

Why should I be a Failure?

Well, let me tell you that ALL of the successful, famous people in history have been major FAILURES!

Are You A Failure? If Not Then Why Not!

So, the question is are you not doing what you know you should do to build your business because you are afraid of failing?

Are you procrastinating because of your fear of failure instead of Failing Forward?

The More You Fail The More You Learn!

Most of us have been brought up to believe that failures are losers and something we should avoid like the plaque.

Below is a short list of Famous people that have failed significantly and still went down in history as great people.

  1.   Abraham Lincoln
  2.   Albert Einstein
  3.   Michael Jordan
  4.   Bill Gates
  5.   Oprah Winfrey
  6.   Steve Jobs
  7.   Thomas Edison
  8.   Walt Disney
  9.   Henry Ford
  10.  And so much more…

Here’s a post I did on some famous failures in history.

Are You A Failure? If Not Then Why Not! – Video

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BONUS VIDEO – Rocky Balboa



Are You A Failure? If Not Then Why Not! – Summary

So, hopefully, you are no longer being held back because of your fear of being a failure.

Hopefully, you will start to embrace your failures as something you have to go THROUGH to get to your success.

If you are not failing then you are not doing anything and your business and your life will very quickly become stagnant!

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