This is the question we all should be asking ourselves every day, are you a salesperson or are you an educator when it comes to your business?

One of the biggest challenges most people have in Network Marketing is not turning into the salesy salesperson.

People just don’t want to be sold.

People will make better decisions when they are properly informed.

Are You A Salesperson Or An Educator

The easy definition of a Salesperson is someone who sells or connects a customer with a purchase.

For most of us, we think of salespeople as pushy, persistent and typically not the best people to be around.

People don’t want to deal with “Car Salesman.”

Nobody wants to have a reputation like that!

Be an educator, not a salesperson.

Strive to be an educator so you can make the best decisions?

Are You A Salesperson Or An Educator

Most beginning salespeople are very pitchy and overwhelming to talk to.

They certainly don’t understand the concept of question-based selling.

This is a method where you are asking questions and listening to answers.

By asking questions you will find out what the prospect’s want, needs, and desires are instead of pushing yours.

Becoming the Educator in your business will change how people look at you and your business.

Are You A Salesperson Or An Educator – Video

Are You A Salesperson Or An Educator – Summary

Remember, God gave us two ears and one mouth.

We should be listening twice as much as we are talking.

The salesperson tries to sell!

The Teacher Educates others.

Which do you want to be?

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