Today we are going to chat about some Personal Development and help you answer the question, Are You A Victim or Are You A Creator.

Understand, that I’m not talking about true victims.

Especially, those people who have been victims of violent crime or suffer from PTSD and things of that nature.

What I am talking about are those people who make themselves Victims and have the choice to change.

Are You A Victim Or Are You A Creator

So, what I want to do with you today is basically define for you the attributes of the Victim so you can see what not to be.

Here are some of the attributes of a Victim mentality:

  • Victim blames others or other things… determined by outside circumstances
  • Always blame,
  • Criticize what they failed at,
  • Justify their decisions with finger pointing,
  • always need reinforcement from others,
  • They act like they are a protector of others
  • Victims use words like concern to disguise fear
  • They get along very well with struggling people
  • A lot likes from other victims
  • A victims life seldom changes and when it does it doesn’t last for long
  • Wishy-washy emotions
  • A lack of Certainty
  • Enormous focus on the negative
  • Hidden anger towards the success of others

Are You A Victim Or Are You A Creator

So, what makes a Creator?

Basically, a Creator is exactly the opposite of the Victim.

The Creator is that person who takes what is thrown at them and creates amazing things.

A Creator doesn’t blame outside circumstances and people but thanks them for pushing them in the right direction.

A Creator is just that, A CREATOR!

Are You A Victim Or Are You A Creator – Video

Are You A Victim Or Are You A Creator – Summary

So, now it’s your turn to make the right choice for your life.

Are you going to be a Victim or a Creator?

It’s up to you and you alone!

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