Are You Dealing With Issues of Self Worth?

Chad Prather

You may be going through a phase in your life when you are doubting your, self worth.  I wanted to share this post today just to let you know you are worth it.

I went through a phase in my life just after getting out of the Army back in the 70’s when I just didn’t think I was worth much.  I used to sit around and think about all the things that I had done and wished I could change all of it.

I certainly wasn’t a very healthy season in my life and I knew I had to push through it or I was going to end up in a hospital somewhere.

I’m sure most of us have gone through these same feelings at one time or another.  It may be that you are feeling that way right now and don’t have any self worth at all.

Well, today when I was thinking about this and doing a little research I came upon this short video.  This gentleman is Chad Prather and he gives a great illustration on self worth that I thought was worth sharing with you.

You may be going through a season where you just don’t believe you are worthy to be successful in your business and it’s starting to affect everything that you do.

VIDEO: Are You Dealing With Issues of Self Worth? – Chad Prather


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You are worth so much more than that $20!

Don’t Doubt Your Self Worth Any More

I hope this short post has lifted your spirit and strengthened your self worth.  No matter what you believe there is a higher power that truly thinks you are WORTHY!  My belief is in a loving God and I can tell you He believes you are very worthy!

So, the next time you start doubting your self worth and if you are worthy to have success and have a life of abundance remember that $20 Bill!

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