Asking GREAT Questions – How Important Is It?

Asking Great Questions - How Important Is It?

Asking Great Questions – How Important Is It?

Asking great questions is one of the most important things a leader can learn to do.  Why Are Questions So Important?

John Maxwell noteable the expert in leadership recently released his book “Good Leaders Ask Great Questions.”  I would like to share with you some of my insights from this book starting with a paragraph from the back cover.

“Questions – for forty years I’ve asked questions on the subject of leadership.  You might think that as time has gone by, and I’ve received thousands of answers, questions have become less important to me.  But the opposite has been true.  The more questions I ask, the more valuable I recognize them to be.  Without the wise counsel and insightful answers I’ve received to questions over those decades, I wonder where I would be today.  Certainly I would not have grown as much or come as far…”

He broke his book down into two parts.  I will share just the chapter headings and I really encourage you to get the book or the audio book and read the whole thing yourself.

1.     Questions I Ask

This section is broken down into 3 chapters dealing with:

1.    Why question Are So Important
2.    What Questions Do I Ask Myself As A Leader?
3.    What Questions Do I Ask My Team Members?

2.    Questions Leaders Ask Me

This section is broken down into 7 chapters dealing with:

4.    What Must I Do to Lead Myself Successfully?
5.    How Does Leadership Work?
6.    How Do I get Started in Leadership?
7.    How Do I Resolve Conflict and Lead Challenging People?
8.    How Can I Succeed Working Under Poor Leadership?
9.    How Can I Successfully Navigate Leadership?
10.  How Can I Develop Leaders?

 This has been one of the best books I have read in a long time and I can’t recommend it enough for those of you who really want to become Great Leaders and Build Great Teams.

By looking at the titles of the chapters you can see that every single chapter is relevant to what we do in Network Marketing.

This should be on your list of books to read this year and change how you ask questions, why you ask questions, and what questions to ask.

If you are looking for questions to ask your prospects then I encourage you to get my “30 Questions to Ask Your Prospects” absolutely FREE.

Comment below and let me know what chapter most interests you in John Maxwell’s new book.

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