Having an Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude-of-Gratitude.6.11.13.shutterstock_67025104I was reading a blog article of a friend of mines today on an Attitude of Gratitude and it made think how important that really is.

Here’s just an excerpt from his blog –

“I’m sure you have heard about having an Attitude of Gratitude being the key to an abundant life. To be grateful for the things in your life now and for the things that are to come. Question is, how can you put this into practice?
Ever said the words “I need”
Or maybe “I need to generate more leads” or “I need to make more money”

Want to read the whole blog and video from Steve Krivda.

So what are my thoughts about having an Attitude of Gratitude.  I know that this is talked about  a lot these days.  People are talking all the time about how your Attitude while dictate your Altitude.

Here’s what I know about our Attitude’s and how we control them.  WE DO!  Although people make it sound so easy to change your attitude into an attitude of gratitude, and it’s not.

We wake up each morning with the day ahead of us and that in itself is pretty daunting for most of us.  We have work, family, friends and just LIFE in general that hits us smack dab in the face, and we are being told to smile and have an Attitude of Gratitude..hmmmmmm

I believe first changing our attitude is a conscious choice that we have to make.  We have to make this choice each and everyday and all throughout the day.  It just doesn’t happen once in the morning when we wake up it’s an all day everyday process.

Once you change your self talk to reflect that Attitude of Gratitude it will eventually become a habit and then part of your nature.

So, what are some of the pitfalls when trying to change your attitude?

attitudeGratitude-460x249One of the biggest one’s is other people.  You would be surprised how others will do all kinds of things to keep you from having an Attitude of Gratitude.

There will be days that you will feel like you are the only one in the crowd with a great attitude.  You will be surprised though that, just as much as a bad attitude is contagious so is a great one.

Another pitfall along the day is that just because you change your attitude doesn’t mean that the world won’t still keep crashing around you.  The good news is that having that great attitude will act like a barrier and help more and more as the challenges happen throughout the day.

One thing about knowing a little about the pitfalls you are going to encounter along this journey to an Attitude of Gratitude it will make things a little easier.  Will it always be easy, NO, but it will always be WORTH it!

attitude-determines-altitudeIf you change your attitude YOU WILL change your Altitude.

I hope this has helped a little in understanding attitude and the process of changing your attitude and making this the habit of your life and a part of who you are.

Please share and comment if you have got any value from this.

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