Awesome Everyday Affirmations for Network Marketers

Awesome Everyday Affirmations for Network Marketers

How would you like to have some awesome everyday affirmations that will change how you build and grow you Network Marketing Business Forever?

Once you decide on your positive daily affirmations, you need to post those somewhere in your face so that you see them all through the day.

I have been trying to pick one different positive affirmation for the day to really hit hard throughout the day.

I get asked all the time, with your everyday affirmations how many times during the day or week should I say these.  My Answer, every time they come into your vision!

Here’s another great article from the Huffington Post that I thought was interest and might help – 35 Everyday Affirmations That Will Change Your Life | Dr. Carmen Harra.

So Here Are The Awesome Everyday Affirmations!

  • I am thankful for my good health, my family, and my opportunity.
  • I am happy.
  • I feel rich.
  • I am a Champion!
  • I was born to win.
  • I want prosperity for everyone around me.
  • I will accept nothing less than success.
  • I am competent, persuasive and effective when I present my products and my opportunity to others.
  • I am a good presenter. I am comfortable presenting ideas to any size group.
  • I am a very confident, successful person, who has something of value to offer the marketplace.
  • I have a successful growing network marketing business.
  • Awesome people are joining me in my business. I attract self-motivated doers.
  • The prospects I am attracting are open-minded, ambitious, and excited about what I offer them.
  • I am a great recruiter and trainer. I always steer people in the right direction.
  • I am a confident and positive person, and confident and positive people gravitate toward me every day.
  • I am an enrolling and recruiting machine. I am warm and likable. People want to be on my team. They join me with little effort on my part.
  • I am a great trainer, I see things from my team’s point of view. I easily relate to them.
  • I am a wealthy and successful network marketer.
  • I am a recruiting machine. People join me because I am trustworthy. I am a great sponsor.
  • I am a powerful enroller, able to contribute the gift of personal and financial freedom to others.
  • I am a Recruiting Machine. Everywhere I go I find good people.
  • I am a good listener. I’m aware of what’s important to others and what’s missing in their lives.
  • I am one of the Top Recruiters and Trainers in the Network Marketing Industry.
  • I attract positive-minded people to me; I draw all things positive to myself.
  • I make powerful and enjoyable business relationships and many of my business contacts are now my friends.
  • People like and trust me, they want to learn more about the benefits I offer.
  • I inspire others to make their lives work to the maximum because I have shared my opportunity with them.
  • I am a giving, sharing person. I share my business knowing that I am helping others.
  • I have aligned myself with a great network marketing company. It’s leaders care about people and strive to do what is right for them, just as I do.

Here Are Some Daily Affirmation Quotes

[perfect_quotes num=”all” cat=”548″]

Trust-Actions-Picture-QuoteHaving a list of everyday affirmations is critical if you are going to be a success in your business and life.

From the beginning of our lives, we are programmed with how we should live our lives.  I’m sure I parents only meant the best for us, but telling us to go to school, get a good job and work for 40 years sure doesn’t seem like it now.

Having positive daily affirmations in our life will help re-program our minds and bring us to a new level with our mindset and positive affirmations.

What would you change in your life TODAY?  It starts with everyday affirmations that are positive and spoken consistently.

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I will leave with this last inspiration of a little girl doing her daily affirmations… this should motivate you.

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