Awesome Proven Strategies From Top Earner Academy Part 2

Awesome Proven Strategies From Top Earner Academy Part 2

Peter Montoya

So today is day 2 of Ray & Jessica Higdon’s Epic Event Top Earner Academy in Tampa Florida.  The agenda for the day starts with the incredible Peter Montoya on Personal Branding.

Again if you haven’t purchased you live stream tickets and replay you can do that here.  This already has been one of the best events, if not the best I’ve ever attended.  Don’t MISS OUT!

Today is bringing in the heavy’s today and tomorrow so stayed tuned.

Top speakers today were Peter Montoya, Jerry Clark, David & Kate Ingram, Tanya Aliza, Ray Higdon and a Success Panel filled with Top Earners.

Friday Morning at TEAL

Friday morning at Top Earner Academy started right off with powerhouse Peter Montoya.

Branding with Peter Montoya

  • Branding is 2 Things
    • Relationship
    • Reputation
    • Specialization
  • Specialization – Is the never-ending process of refining your products and services for a defined ideal target clientele.

A few of his quotes I just loved:

“The Path does not equal the Future”

“Past performance is the best indicator of success” 

“Learn from other people’s mistakes.”

He talked about his “APE” model for content:

  • (A)ctionable
  • (P)ertinent
  • (E)ductional

He ended with going into detail on getting your brand out into the marketing place using all the different mediums.

It was so powerful and educational that to give it justice here just can’t be done.

Duplication with David and Kate Ingram

David IngramHere are some of the great tips from David and Kate.

  • Who you are today is a reflection of your past actions and decisions
  • Who you are tomorrow is decided by your actions from this moment forward
  • Why not ME?
  • Live Life Out Loud!
  • Your story is your greatest asset
  • 3 areas of Focus
    • Change your brand to attract leaders
    • Build your tribe
    • Lead your way
  • People relate more to your struggles than to your accolades
  • Your not selling products, you’re selling the lifestyle.

They were awesome and top earners in their company, both of them!

Surprise Topic with Jerry Clark

Here is just a small sample what Jerry Clark presented.  Again, you need to get TEAL now before the price Jerry Clark at TEALgoes up!

  • You Can choose to be a millionaire NOW before you really are!
  • Know what you want
  • Do something with the information you get from seminars and training
  • Monetize Event knowledge
  • Live happy within the Gap between your current reality and your preferred reality
  • Law of Compensation
    • Law of Sowing and Reaping
    • Law of Increased Returns
    • Law of the Harvest
  • “As your vision gets bigger a vehicle will show up to allow you to bring that vision to manifestation.”
  • “Personal Breakthrough only occur when there is an alteration in your beliefs.”

There was so much more it would take a dozen posts to share it all.

After Lunch at Top Earner Academy Live 3

After lunch was equally Epic here at Top Earner Academy.

Started Off With Super Star Tanya Aliza

Tanya Aliza at TEALTanya shared on how having a team challenge can explode your team and business.

Here’s just some of the incredible things she talked about:

Doing a Challenge for your team!

  • Super awesome recruiting tool
  • Extreme Leverage of your team
  • Help with identifying serious builders.
  • Gives the team a powerful unique selling feature
  • Helps your team duplicate in a BIG way

Recognition is the Lifeblood of the Challenge


  • Google docs
  • PowerPoint or keynote
  • Webinar platform
  • Facebook group
  • Email group list
  • Guest Trainers
  • Prizes

It’s all about the impact you can have on other people!

Again, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Lead Generation and Blogging with Ray Higdon

During this session, Ray went through the growth of his business and leads from 2013 until now.

He talked about the 4 step video formula and what to do if we want to beat Ray!

How to Beat Ray

  • Do more Key Word Research.
  • Reach out and be more intimate with commenters.
  • Do more webinars and google+ hangouts
  • Personally call more people and email, invite to your webinars, meetings, etc.

He talked about his Daily Morning Routine and talked about having a “Rock-Solid Routine”

  • If you want to break ranks in MLM, prospect X per day.
  • Attend Events
  • Get a mentor if serious
  • Monthly or weekly coaching calls (but these are pointless unless you are going to implement)
  • Keep an eye on Exposure agents and figure out how to help them.

His whole session was packed full of nuggets and super value.

Success Panel with Richard Matharoo, Justice Eagan, Mark Harbert, Terry Gremaux, Chris Carroll, and Edna Keep

Success panelDuring this session, the Success Panel of Top Earners answered two questions:

  1. What transformation has happened since you started investing into yourself?
  2. If you knew then what you know now what advice would you give?

Another powerful session that you will just have to get the TEAL Replay if you want to get the whole picture.

Q & A Session was last for the Day

So that was the second day of Top Earner and if you still haven’t got your Live Stream Tickets you are really missing out…. the best is yet to come.

You can find Part 1 Here.

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