How To Become A Blog Authority TodayHow would you like to become a Blog Authority in your Niche’ Market today and learn from the Master Blogger and Marketer?

So, here’s the real question are you ready and willing to become an Authority in your niche with blogging?

I started out a few years ago thinking that I had to have a blog just because I should.

I mean everyone who was anyone had a blog out there in cyber space so I should too.

How To Become A Blog Authority Today

Once I discovered that blogging was much more than writing a post, everything changed for my business.

I found out that I could become a blog authority and in turn use my blog for marketing, training, and personal branding.

Discovering that your blog is the foundation of your branding made a huge difference.

So, now the question is how do I become an Authority in my niche with blogging?

Simple, become a blog authority!

How To Become A Blog Authority Today – The Process

The first thing I learn about becoming an authority with blogging was to have a secure and reliable blog.

Sounds pretty reasonable but you would be surprised how many people want the cheapest solution and end up hating it.

You don’t have to mortgage your home to have a great blog on a great server that’s reliable, secure and fast.

Here’s a $49/month solution that meets all of those requirements and so much more.

If you are just starting out and are confused about where to begin, then you need to check this out, PERIOD!

Second Step

So, now you have a fantastic blog online and waiting for visitors.

Now you need to start creating content on a consistent basis that addresses the pain points of your niche’ market.

The last thing you want to do is start writing a bunch of posts about your product or opportunity.

People are getting barraged with spammy posts and articles, and it’s the last thing they need or want.

What they do need is solutions to their most pressing challenges in their lives and business!


You need to further your education and learn everything you can about how to market, teach, and promote your blog.

Here are two things I recommend that you do immediately:

  •   Join Us Tonight for a FREE Webinar on “The Five Steps to BECOME AN AUTHORITY Using the Internet.” Here’s what you will learn.
    • How to create content that attracts the RIGHT customers and clients to you (rather than you having to chase them around)
    • My #1 secret for leveraging my blog to position myself as an authority figure in my niche
    • Why you don’t need to be “famous” to start building your audience NOW
  • Next thing You NEED to do is invest in your business and your life with Ray’s 3-Minute Expert Course!

I can promise you this that if you do these two things and really take action your business will never be the same again.

How To Become A Blog Authority Today – Summary

Finally, the key to your success as an Authority in your niche’ is all about being consistent and committed to your craft.

I can tell you everything you need to do step by step, but if you don’t take action and take consistent action nothing will change.

It wasn’t until I put into ACTION the things I was learning that things changed drastically for me.

This can happen to you if you just ACT!

How would you like to get the Early Bird pricing for this Harvard Quality training on How to become an Expert In Your Niche, Don’t miss out!

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