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network-marketing-professionalI’m writing this today because I’ve seen so many people that just don’t take their Network Marketing business serious. If more people would strive to become a Network Marketing Professional with their home business it would not only elevate them but this profession also.

I watched a video from Eric Worre author of the great book “Go Pro” and he talked about building confidence and becoming unstoppable where he talked about 3 key factors for building confidence.

  1. Understanding
    Becoming a Network Marketing Professional certainly requires you to have an understanding of what and why you are doing what you do.  Understanding what Network Marketing is all about and what it is NOT all about.Understanding what it’s going to take to make you a Network Marketing Pro.Understanding is one of the foundations of this journey from hobbyist, amateur, to Network Marketing Professional.
  2. Skills
    This one always amazing me why people think we are all born with the skills to even do Network Marketing.  Some certainly have more than others, but nobody starts out with the skills to become a Network Marketing Professional.We need to be reading, listening, watching, and practicing everyday if we really want to become a PRO!We need to be getting better at the things we are already good at and working on those things that need improvement.  John Maxwell has said that no matter how much we work on make a skill better we are only going to move it up the ladder a few points.  So if you are a 5 at something you can become a 7 or 8, if you are a 2 or 3 you will only become a 5 or 6.His point is don’t spend all your time working on those things you think you are so not good at, work on those things that you are already pretty good at and become great at those.
  3. Programming
    We have all been programmed from our earliest childhood.  Some of this has been great and an asset to us as adults.Some of this programming has not been so good and has become a detriment to us in our adult lives.These are the things that we need to work on re-programming.  Changing how we think about things that hold us back.  We need to rid our lives of all the negatives that drive us down.We have the ability to change how we think and how we react to all our circumstances allowing us to grow into the Pro’s that we know we should and can be!

Here’s what I know about becoming a professional in any area of your life.  It takes determination, dedication, and a passionate desire to become the best.  It doesn’t happen over night, so if you’re an impatient person then you better develop some patience.

It’s certainly not easy, but it is worth it, so you better develop a work ethic that won’t stop.

It’s certainly not going to have a bunch of fans on the journey, maybe once you get to higher level, but even then you will have haters, so you better develop a rhino skin.

We need to work on elevating the profession of Network Marketing because it is a BETTER WAY!

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