How Beneficial is Webinar Marketing?

How Beneficial is Webinar Marketing?

There are two types of webinar marketing that I want to talk about today.  One is the Live webinar and the other one is the Automated webinar.

I’m currently going through a course by Steve Jaffe on Webinar Marketing that just incredible.

He takes you through all the details on putting on very successful webinars and gives you the powerpoint and everything that you need to do the job like a professional.

How would you like to be in a position to put on a webinar two or three times a week and each time you do make anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000.

How would you like to learn from an expert who’s metrics are off the chart.

Well, I’m going to tell you this guy has knocked it out of the park.

I’m just going to scratch a thin layer of the surface for you today.

Webinars are broken down into two basic types.

Understand that webinars convert better than any other method of marketing that’s available.  So that said it is important to learn how to do effective live and automated webinars.

Why Webinar Marketing

•   Higher Conversion Than Sales Letters
•   Higher Conversion Than Sales Videos
•   Similar conversion To Selling From The Stage
•   A scheduled event.  Not “interruption” marketing
•   Heightened Attention:  Time is suspended.  Your info is the only thing that matters
•   Marketing to a captive audience.  Get the prospect into a “state”
•   You educate prospects on everything they need to make an informed decision
•   People perceive you as an authority (even if they don’t register or attend)
•   Increase sales of other products in your funnel

You attract Who You Are…. if you create high-quality products and webinars you will attract high-quality people.

To attract buyers… YOU must be a buyer!

The Live Webinar Marketing Method

Marketing Webinar events that are live can be time-consuming and a lot of work.   There is going to be a lot of preparation and planning to make a good webinar into a great webinar.

The plus is that they are live and people love that.  It allows you to interact with your audience live and in person.

It allows you to connect with hundreds of people in a live environment.  These days it’s all about attraction marketing and webinars are great for creating those relationships and building your attraction marketing empire.

The other side of this is that you have to be there physically to do the webinar.  You know longer have that time freedom that we all are striving for.

You just don’t have the leverage because you are still exchanging your time for your income.

What Is An Automated Webinar?

So what exactly is an automated webinar?

•  A webinar event that appears to be live but is, in fact, a recorded webinar


•   Not merely a recording of a live webinar – the attendee feels it’s live

What Are “Automated Commissions”?

•  Daily commissions that simply arrive while you do other things
•   Passive income from “set-it-and-forget-it”
•   The purest form of time freedom
•   Automated commissions create passive income without a downline
•   You get passive income while building a downline (without depending on your downline)
•   Extreme time freedom results
•   Automated Commissions are the “crown jewel” of home business

This is like blogging on steroids.  Your webinars are out there forever and selling for you day in and day out.

Why Automated Webinars?

•  Time Freedom!
–   Live webinars can be tiring
–   No need to sacrifice an evening
•   Perfect Message every time.  Not variable like a live webinar

Well, I hope I’ve got my point across on how beneficial webinars really are and how awesome Automated Webinars are.

There are a number of Automated Webinar System out there.  The 3 top services are Stealth Seminar, Evergreen Business System and Webinars On Air.

I would again highly recommend Steve Jaffe’s course Webinar Marketing if you really want to start generating those automated commissions while you build your primary business.

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