Best Way to Set Goals

Best Ways to Set Goals

Was on a Periscope with Ray Higdon today and he talked about a new way to set goals that I had never heard of before, so I thought it would worthwhile to pass this on.

You probably have set goals before, but they have been typically yearly goals.

Things like I want to reach a certain rank, or be making a certain amount of money or lose a certain amount of weight.

Today I want to suggest that making monthly goals is the Best Way to Set Goals.

I love what Ray said about your goals should not stress you out… they should make you feel good, hopeful and excited.

With that in mind let’s….

Look At Goal Setting

1.    Set a reminder to set your 30-day goals in your phone.

What he suggested was to grab your phone and set a reminder right NOW and make it recurring every month.

You want to do this for two reasons.

First, you want to be reminded until it becomes part of your routine and an established habit.

Secondly, so that it will become a habit and something that becomes second nature to you like your daily routine.

What’s really cool for my iPhone is once I put the reminder in my phone it syncs with my MacBook and my iPad, so no matter what I’m working on it will be right in my face when it’s time.

2.    Set 3 Goals for the month.

Now for the actual monthly goal setting part.  What he suggests is to only set 3 goals for the month.

He broke these down into 3 areas, Health, Financial and Lifestyle or Family.

He stressed to make the goals reasonable and that you can accomplish in the 30 day period.

1.     Health goal

What he suggested here was instead of set a goal of how much you want to lose set the goal to the desired weight you want to reach and then reduce it a little.

Example, you want to lose 10lbs this month reduce that down to 6 or 7lbs and celebrate when you make it.

2.    Financial Goal

Business_ExposureIf you are currently not making any or very little sales set an exposure goal that’s reasonable.

If you are making sales then you can make a sales goal that makes sense.

Whichever type goal you set in this area make sure it’s reasonable.  If you are currently not doing any exposures for your business then don’t set a goal of 10 exposures a day, start with 1 or 2.

Again, you want to make your goals attainable and realistic…NO STRESS!

3.    Lifestyle, Family or Relationship goal

Here you might set a goal for a vacation, more family time or spend more time with your relationships.

This is number 3 on the list, but one that I put pretty high on the list.  At the end of the day, it’s why we do what we do.

Maybe we want to volunteer at a shelter or some other form of giving back to your community.

It’s of course up to you what goal you set.

One of the infographics I have seen on the actual aspects of a what a goal should be is below.

smart goal setting graphic


This pretty much sums it up.  I challenge you to set your reminder then WRITE DOWN your 3 goals for this month and see what happens….

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I would love to hear your feedback on this post, Best Way to Set Goals, so please share and comment below.  I would love to hear about your goals and how they are going.

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