5 Rules to Effective Blog Commenting StrategyA regular strategy of blog commenting on other blogs in your niche is a great way to build your brand and bring some traffic over to your own blog.

This is probably nothing you haven’t seen before. However, have you ever thought about your strategy to actually doing it?

Many people hear that it is a traffic builder to comment on other blogs and they simply just go out and start bloviating on other blogs.

That is the wrong approach. I don’t know how many times I see a comment come through on my own blogs that says something like:

Well, that’s wonderful. But, it is a totally USELESS comment. Moreover, you can usually tell it is just a lame attempt for traffic because they’ll put some keywords into the name field and a link to their site.

Personally, I don’t approve comments like this. It is a waste of my time.

Now, I know that there will always be blog spammers. Writing a post like this which talks about how to post a comment is going to ring hollow on these people because half the time it is a robot doing the posting anyway.

For you to get the most bang for your blog comments you should adhere to to these 5 simple rules:

1.     Don’t Worry About SEO

Blog comments are almost never going to result in search engine love for your blog. Why?Don't worry about the SEO Strategy

Because most blogs use the nofollow attribute on links in comments. This means that search engine spiders are being told NOT to follow that link. That means – No Google Love For You! 

So, your audience with a blog comment is actual people – not search engines. Don’t worry about putting keywords in the name field. It just makes you look like a spammer.

2.     Use Your Name

On a related note to the above, I recommend that you use your real name or your brand name in the Name field when commenting on another blog.

In my case, I will always use my name (Ron Deering) when commenting on a blog. Even if I comment on a site that may not be in my niche’.  

You will never see me post a comment using a name like “Network Marketing Guru”.  It is stupid. It is meaningless. And it serves no benefit to my brand.

3.     Focus On Value on all your Blog Comments

Every single comment you post on another blog is an outpost for your blog. That means that it represents YOU and your blog to that blog’s audience. So, use it as an opportunity to carry your brand over to that audience.

For example, if I post a comment on a top Networker’s blog like Ray Higdon, and I just post a stupid comment like “This is a great post, Ray”, and add no value whatsoever.

It certainly isn’t going to show anyone reading Ray’s blog that I know what I’m doing and that my blog is something that might be worth reading.

It would be an amateur attempt at self-promotion. On the other hand, if I post a comment which supports whatever Ray is teaching and adds to it, providing some value to the reader and to Ray’s post, I’ve now done something beneficial to all.

His readers are more likely to gain something from my comment and are thus more likely to check out this blog. If there is a tasteful strategy to “hook” the reader into checking out my site, then I might do that, too.

Providing a useful comment and then mentioning that I covered it in more detail on my own blog would be one way to add value and point the reader back to your blog.

This point is the most important in this post. Every comment should be something of VALUE!

4.     Make Sure It’s Relevant

You will get maximum benefit from comments when you are commenting on blogs which are common to your niche’.

When choosing sites to be active on, choose blogs related to your niche. Find out who the top bloggers are in your niche and comment there.

Don’t just go for the top guys and ignore the smaller bloggers in your niche, either.

Lastly, when posting a comment on a blog, always use the URL field for the comment to link to point back to your blog which is in that same niche’.

If you only have one blog, then just link to it. If you have more than one, then always present the most relevant blog.

When it comes to blogging and Network Marketing one of my favorites is Ray and Jessica Higdon.

5.     Use a Gravar for Your Blog Comments 

Many blogs use gravatars and you should have one. It means so much more to your brand recognition than simply your name because many people tend to be more visual.gravatar example

I use a site called gravatar.com.  This site allows you to upload a great picture of yourself and tie it to an email.

I have a number of different emails with different pictures tied to each, so depending where i’m commenting I can use the appropriate email and gravatar combination.

Spamming your blog comments to try and get links back to your blog is just short of idiocy.  Find a handful of relevant blogs in your niche’.

I would never ever use Blog Commenting Software under any circumstance.  No one ever wins with this stuff!

Then using the rules above go out and add value and send some traffic back to your blogs.

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