Blog Marketing 3 Easy Tips To Build Your MLM BusinessBlog Marketing, in my opinion, is the most effective and long-term marketing method out there.

Nothing will give you what you need for your MLM Business like Blogging.

I was on a webinar the other day with my mentor and coach Ray Higdon doing training on 10 marketing tips.

These are the three that stood out for me when using blogging as your marketing platform and method.

When it comes to blogging I can’t think of anyone that knows better than Ray.  He gets thousands of leads daily and makes 7 figures from his blog, I would call that an expert!

Blog Marketing Tips To Build Your MLM Business – The Basics

If you understand that the sole purpose of your blog is to generate leads then it becomes less difficult to put together a plan.

You need to be consistent and congruent with your message and your giveaways.

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3 Easy Blog Marketing Tips To Build Your MLM Business

1.     Focus on Lead generation and Connecting with those leads

As we stated above the primary purpose of your blog is to generate leads!

There is always the debate of pretty vs value and to me giving consistent value is much more important.

That said there is NO reason why you can’t have both.

Once you get a lead your next step is to start building that connection and relationship with them.  Remember that nothing is more important your list and building that list.

2.    You Don’t Need to Blog about Network Marketing, Blog about YOUR Passion

I currently blog about getting leads and recruiting more reps, but you don’t have to do the same.

What you should be doing is blogging about your passion and what you KNOW!

If you are in health and wellness you might be blogging about, how to lose weight, what are the right foods to eat and so on.

The key is to always be adding value and to be congruent with your niche and everything else you are doing.

3.    Not Sure What To Talk About, ILT

This is the question I get most often.  Where do I find things to blog about.

First off if you are passionate about something you probably have books, magazines, the internet, webinars and ebooks that you can draw from.

I love the concept of ILT, Invest, Learn and Teach.

Basically, the method is to invest in your learning, learn it and take action and then teach to others.  How do you teach others?

My preferred method is blogging, but you can use any or all of the other methods like video, social media, and others.

Again Ray Higdon (3 Minute Expert) has a great course that goes through this and much much more.

You would be surprised at how many people do the first two part of ILT and just need to add the teaching part.

Blog Marketing is something that can and will change how you build your business.

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