Does Blog Marketing Really Work To Build Your BusinessIf you are sitting back and wondering if Blog Marketing really works and will help you build your Network Marketing business, then you need this post!

To be honest I was a little skeptical at first until I met my mentor Ray Higdon and went through 3 Minute Expert.

I won’t tell you that blogging is the easiest method to market online but I truly believe it’s the best when it comes to long term and branding.

Does Blog Marketing Work? – The Benefits

First, let’s lay out some of the great benefits of blogging.

Once you see the benefits you will understand why I believe blogging is one of the best marketing strategies available for you.

1.   You Own Your Content

One of the things that I found out early in my online marketing is that I didn’t own my Social Media content.

What that meant was they could shut me down at moments notice without cause or reason.

The benefit of having a blog is that you own the content and no one is going to shut you down.

So, remember the next time you put that amazing video out there on YouTube you may lose it if they decide to shut you down.

2.   Longevity

The next thing that is a huge benefit in having a blog is the longevity of the content.

I’m still generating leads from articles I wrote 6 -12 months ago.

Because your posts are archived they continually end up out there on google if you have done some basic SEO.

Even though your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms may be out there they are very hard to find.

This is one of the main reasons that I use my blog as my Hub for all of my marketing.

3.    Lead Generation

One of the most important benefits of having a blog is Lead Generation.

I will tell you the main reason for having a blog is to generate leads for your business.

Because you can have banners, popups, and posts throughout your blog you can present multiple ways to collect your leads.

Being able to continually provide value that has longevity steps up your lead generation to a new level instead of a single post on Facebook.

4.   Branding

Next, to Lead Generation Personal Branding is the next big thing blogging brings to the table

If you look at the top leaders in Network Marketing who are blogging you will see it’s all about Value and Personal Branding.

You may end up changing companies and if you have been branding the company you will have challenges.

Just remember “Wherever You Go There You ARE!”

Does Blog Marketing Work? – Where To Start

First, I want to recommend an amazing course from someone who is a master blogger, Ray Higdon.

His 3-Minute Expert course, in my opinion, is like taking a Harvard course on Blogging and Blog Marketing.

If you really are serious about your blogging journey then you need to get his course, period!

1.   WordPress

For me and most bloggers, WordPress is preferred platform for building your blog.

WordPress has been around forever and has a ton of plugins and themes available for you to chose from.

It’s also free if you want to build your blog on WordPress.com, which I don’t necessarily recommend.

What you really want to do is have a self-hosted WordPress blog residing on a hosting company.

2.   Hosting

Finding the right hosting company is critical for your blog.

Depending if you are on a budget or not will depend on which company you go with.

I’m not going to recommend anyone in particular except to say that I believe that MLSP Sites is the best complete blogging package out there.

With the hosting company, you chose to use, be concerned with things like speed, security, and reliability.

MLSP Sites has taken these things all into consideration and you don’t have to worry about that at all.

3.   Plugins

Choosing the right plugins for your blog can be daunting.

WordPress has thousands to choose from and it’s sometimes hard to know which ones are what you need and are secure.

Here is a post I did a while back laying out the plugins I recommend for most bloggers.

Hope this helps when it comes to getting started with plugins

4.   Theme

Choosing your blog theme is really a matter of taste and ease of use.

I personally prefer using the Divi Theme from Elegant Themes.

It is a little on the advance side and is a premium theme that you have to purchase, but I like all of the flexibility and support you get.

One of the great things about MLSP Sites is they have a number of premium themes that are a part of the package for no extra cost.

The Divi theme is one of those.

Does Blog Marketing Really Work To Build Your Business – Summary

So, if you are considering jumping into online marketing and just don’t know what path to take, I would encourage you to consider blogging.

I have found that long term blogging has changed my business totally.

Last year I was named the number three Network Marketing blog and typically get anywhere from 500 to 1000 visitors a day.

The one thing you have to commit to is being consistent and providing value to your target market.

Blog Marketing can be your journey to great success in your Home Business should you choose to take that path.

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