Blog Training: Add Tracking to MLSP Call To ActionThis is primarily blog training for those who are using the MLSP Sites and are using the MLSP Call To Action plugin.  This will show you how to add the t=trackingcode to your link.

I want to tell you if you are a blogger or just starting out then you really need to look into the MLSP Sites Blogging Platform.

I don’t do a lot of these hands-on training posts, but this seemed valuable for those people using this great platform to blog.

MLSP is an incredible system for creating a personal brand online and building you primary business while generating some income as you grow.

There newest addition to their bag of tools is their blogging platform, MLSP Sites.

This blogging platform is built on the most popular platform WordPress and has more bells and whistles than you can imagine.

They have made this system easy enough for the starting blogger and robust enough for the seasoned blogger who wants their blog secure and hosted on an enterprise server.

With over 80 plugins to choose from and some of the top WordPress Themes available you just can’t go wrong.

One of their proprietary plugins is called, “MLSP Call To Action” and this plugin lets you add MLSP graphics, text and call to action button with a push of a button…

Blog Training: How To Add Tracking Code To MLSP Call To Action Plugin

I will take you through a step by step way to accomplish adding your tracking code to this plugin.



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Being able to track what you are doing is so very important.  If you track it you can improve on it.

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