Blog Writing Tips – 8 Tips on Blog Structure

Blogging Tips: 8 Tips on Blogging Sturcture

What I have learned over the past 4 months of blogging is this, it isn’t anything like writing a paper or book in the normal medium.

People on the web who read blogs have a whole different way of reading and it takes a whole different structure to keep their attention for more than a few seconds.

So today we are going to talk about 8 successful blogging tips on structure that could help you immensely in writing your blog posts in the future.

Here Are Your Structure Blogging Tips That Will Sky Rocket Your Posts!

1.     Page Layout

Dr. Jakob Nielsen a noted expert on webpage visibility has discovered that people scan in an F-shaped pattern.

Blogging Tips: F-Scan Heat Map

So the key to this is you are going to want to put your most important items within the red whenever possible.

A relevant image, a great headline, and lots of bullets and text highlighting should go there.

2.     Column Width

Research has discovered that Narrow columns of text are much easier to read than a full-page-width.

Most blogging tips by the geeks out there agree that a column with of between 450 – 600 is the best place to start.

3.     Image Placement

One reason most popular blogs start off with an image at the top the left is to increase readability (because it’s at the top of the “F”).

But there’s another, less obvious reason: it decreases the width of the opening text, making it much easier to see, to scan, and to read.

A good rule of thumb is to make your image big enough to take up half the column width, right at the top of your post.

Here’s an example:

Successful Blogging Tips: Image Placement

4.     Fonts and Font Colors

If you’ve been out on the web surfing for any length of time you will see that most sites use a structure like the one below using plain vanilla fonts with a minimum of 14pt size.




Pages that use red or blue for their headline and subhead are read most often.

Use the standard fonts like Arial, Georgia, times new roman… and use a minimum of 14pt size.

5.     Your Main Headline

The headline is the “on switch” that begins your reader’s experience.

It’s the first thing they look at to decide whether your content is worth reading, and it’s more than 80% responsible for whether your reader stays or clicks merrily away.

Because readers are scanning, your headline has to grab their attention within the first 40-60 characters (or fewer than 11 words) and make sense on its own.

6.     Opening Thoughts and Paragraph

This is probably one of the more important blogging tips that you can take away today.

No matter what your 5th Grade English teacher told you about how to write a “good” paragraph, readability studies prove that a 1-sentence  opening paragraph dramatically improves the “sticking power” of a reader on your site.

One sentence alone, standing naked as a paragraph, hooks readers like crazy — especially if the first two or three words are important and loaded with information.

And if you hook ‘em with the headline and that opening first sentence, they’re more likely to read your whole post!

7.     Article Length

Here’s another one of those blog writing tips that is peculiar to your web audience the “Short Attention Span” group.

You should shoot for between 250 – 500 words for each of your post.  This has been found to be the ideal length.

8.     Break Up Your Copy

Because you have now seen that most of your visitors are scanning and scanning in the F-Shape breaking up your thoughts and sentences into chunks makes it much more readable.

Keep each of your paragraphs to no longer than about 3 lines.

Use Subheadings.

Use numbered list and bullet points to break things up.

Most of all make sure there is plenty of White Space!

Now that you have seen these 8 struction tips I hope this will help your Blog Writing Skills and make your blog one of the most read blogs out there.

One of the best bloggers and trainers for blogging I know is Ray Higdon.  I encourage you to connect up with him and check out his products on blogging.

I wanted to give a shout out to Elite Marketing Pro who gave me the idea for this post and some great information ideas.

Join The Discussion

I hope this has helped you and will help take your blogging to a new level.  I would love to hear what you think and your ideas on blog structure.

Again you never know how what you add to this discussion will help others on their blogging journey.

Blog Writing Tips are here to help everyone and successful blogging tips are the ones that work for everyone!

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