Blogging: 6 Copywriting Tips for your Blog

Blogging: 6 Copywriting Tips for your Blog

If you want to compete in the market of blogging for your niche, then you need to provide consistent quality content.  You first need your content to attract your visitors and then convert those visitors to leads.

It’s certainly not easy to produce high-quality content and be consistent.  These 6 copywriting tips will help you whether you are writing a blog post, lead page or email. I will also introduce you to a system that will help find the content topic and never run out again.

So Here are Your 6 Copywriting Tips:

1.    Perfect Your Headline

On average 5 times as many people read your headlines as read the body of your blog content.

•   Keep your headlines Simple.
•   Use the 4 U’s, Urgent, Unique, Useful and Ultra- specific.
•   Give your readers a real benefit – a benefit of the benefit!
•   Paint a Vivid Picture and create an intense emotional reaction.
•   Consider your readers interest FIRST.  Answer their question, “What’s In It For Me!”

2.     Simplify Your Blog Content

Here’s where you want to keep your content clear and concise.  Use the age old principle of KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid.

Don’t spend your time and efforts trying to be clever or cute.  Just be yourself and get your benefits across as quickly as possible.

People don’t want to have to wade through a bunch of fillers to get to what they really want and need from your copy.

3.     Give Your Target Audience What They Want.

You have a target audience, or at least you should, so you need to make sure your are giving them what they need.

Your audience is really not interested in what something has done for you personally, they want to know what’s in it for them!

One way you can accomplish this is in your words.  Start using ‘you’ much more than you use ‘I’.

4.     Have a Purpose for everything you write.

Don’t just sit down and write for the sake of writing.  Make sure you have a clear purpose for every article or post that you create.

Before you write one word you should know what the purpose for that particular blog post is.  Are you trying to generate leads, are you selling a new product or are you just putting out value for your target audience.

5.     Incorporate the fundamentals of persuasive copywriting.

According to “America’s Top Copywriter” Bob Bly, the fundamentals of persuasive copywriting are: Gains attention

•   Gains attention
•   Focuses on the customer
•   Stresses benefits
•   Differentiates you from the competition
•   Proves its case
•   Establishes credibility
•   Builds value
•   Closes with a call to action

6.     Include a Strong Call To Action

If you don’t specifically ask people to do something, chances are they won’t do it. All your content: blog posts, Emails and Call-to-action-with-wordslanding pages should close with a call to action.

Your social media posts should have a call to action where appropriate. Always make sure you are offering something your particular audience will want.

Copywriting remains an essential part of the overall formula for success online.

If the copywriting of your blog posts or landing pages and Emails are something you find difficult, then I suggest you take a look at this course by master copywriter Brian Fanale.

Well like I promised I will tell about a program that I use that has changed how I find my topic for all of my blog posts.

It’s called ILT and it stands for “Invest, Learn, Teach.”

My mentor and friend Ray Higdon has put together a system that has transformed my ability to be consistent with my blogging.

The concept is pretty simple.

Invest in your education and personal growth.  Read as much as possible, take as many courses, free or paid for, that you can.

Learn as much as you can.  Take notes on those things that were of value and teachable to you and your target audience.

Teach now what you have invested in and learned to all that you can, but especially your target audience.

If you want to learn more about Ray’s system then I recommend that you get his ILT Workshop Recordings.

Also here are some more articles on blogging and ILT.

If you are just starting I would check out all the courses on How to Start Blogging that are out there. The ILT workshop will help with Blog Content Ideas and being consistent.

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