Why I Prefer Blogging For Marketing And List BuildingOf all the mediums out there for marketing online, I prefer Blogging For Marketing and List Building above all of the rest and today I will explain why.

You might be like I was and think that blogging was for the experts and very famous people.

If you are setting on the edge when it comes to starting your blog, I hope this post will help you move forward.

Why I Prefer Blogging For Marketing And List Building

First, let’s chat about why people resist starting a blog.

  •   To Technical.
  •   Don’t know what to blog about.
  •   It cost to much time to maintain.
  •   It’s not duplicatable.

These are some of the things I’ve heard over the years, and you may have some different ones of your own.

Why I Prefer Blogging For Marketing And List Building – My Answers

To Technical –

Here’s what I will tell you about the technical aspects of starting a blog.

I’m a Techie and love creating websites and helping others do the same.

Not everyone is like that, but with WordPress, you can set up a blog in just a few minutes and start pumping out value.

If you are just not up to doing the tech stuff at all, then outsource it and let someone else do it for you.

So, the key is DON’T let the Technical aspects of starting a blog stop you from getting started.

Don’t Know What To Blog About – 

This fear was one of mine when I first got started and kept me from moving forward for way too long.

It wasn’t until I found the ILT method for content that things changed.

Once I learn Ray’s ILT method I have never been concerned about creating valuable content on a daily basis.

It Cost To Much Time to Maintain – 

At first, I felt like that myself, and I found that the more consistently I wrote posts and created content the easier and faster I became.

In the beginning, it would take me an hour or more to write a blog post.

Now if it takes me 30 minutes it’s because I’ve got interrupted and have to come back to it later.

It’s like anything else you learn and want to become good at; it takes practice and consistency.

Don’t get discouraged because you feel like it takes to much of your time, just keep going.

If you are using the ILT method, I promise it will get easier and easier.

It’s Not Duplicatable – 

The first question I have for you what is duplicatable?

You’re going to find that most of what you do are not necessarily duplicable by the untrained average person.

What I have found is that blogging allows me to create reusable resources that can train and support my team.

Blogging allows me to have a repository of training that I own and not some other company or platform.

 Teach your team by training the trainers and creating valuable reusable resources for your niche’.

Why I Prefer Blogging For Marketing And List Building – Some More Things

Here are a few things that make blogging my primary method for marketing and list building online.

  •   You own the content.
  •   Blog posts become great reusable content for training and building.
  •   Great way to collect leads.
  •   Allows me to build my Personal Brand.

Understand that the primary purpose of blogging is two-fold.

  •   Building Your Personal Brand
  •   Generating Qualified Targeted Leads.

Why I Prefer Blogging For Marketing And List Building – Summary

In conclusion, the reason you are not blogging if you feel like you should is that of FEAR.

Here’s my definition of FEARFalse Evidence Appearing Real.

I hope today in this post I have removed some of those fears and allowed you to move forward on your blogging journey.

Blogging is a great journey to be a part of and so very rewarding if you get past your fears and just do it!

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I would love to hear your how your blogging journey is going.  Please share that with us in the comments below.

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