Brand Yourself vs Promote Your Company!

Brand Yourself

Brand Yourself

Brand Yourself instead of just promoting your company can make the difference between a long career or many short careers.  You have to ask yourself which is better 10 – 1 year careers or 1 – 10 year career.

We all know that people don’t buy the company and the product, they buy into the leader who they are following.  How many times have you seen something go wrong with a Network Marketing company and a whole team will leave and move on to another opportunity.

Sometimes it’s not within your control.  The company just goes under or it changes directions which are not in line with what you had in your plans.

For whatever the reason something changes and you find yourself in a situation where you have to start all over again.  If you have taken the time to Brand Yourself then people will become a part of your new team because of you not necessarily the company or the product.

It’s a well know fact that people buy into the person involved with Network Marketing not just the company.  They want to be a part of a great team with a great leader.

People Like Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, John Maxwell, and other Great Leaders have always know it’s about being the leader not company.  You need to be the one the team hooks up to.  It needs to be your vision that people get behind.

Companies come and go but one thing is always certain, “Wherever YOU Go There YOU Are!”

It’s amazing over the years how many times I have heard a prospect tell me either, it this person is involved then I’m onboard, or if this person is involved I’m not getting involved ever.  It’s all about the people.

Just recently a good friend of mine who was in another Network Marketing company went through a situation where the company decided they could build their company without having a Network Marketing arm and overnight shutdown all the reps.

Most people would have been devastated but my friend had built his organization around his leadership and was able to move to a new and better company and help his displaced team make a decision to follow him there.  He had a loyal team because of HIM not because of the company and that is what helped him get started in a time when things should have been bleak.

So you need to decide whether you want to be someone who attracts a team because you have taken the time to Brand Yourself or you are going to be someone who relies on the company and hope’s for the best.  You Choose!

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