Secret Formula To Build A Following Using Facebook LiveHow would you like to get my thoughts on Bob Heilig’s Formula for Social Media Branding and using Facebook Live to brand you and your value?

The cool thing about this formula is that it can be used with any marketing medium, not just Facebook Live.

Bob shared this training at Ray Higdon’s “Personal Branding & Marketing Bootcamp.”

If you are like me, the thought of getting in front of the camera was frightening!

Although I had spoke live in front of crowds of people the idea of sitting in front of my iPhone and rambling on scared me to death.

Secret Formula To Build A Following Using Facebook Live

I realized that if I was going to build my business using Social Media online that I was going to have to conquer this fear.

So, I started this journey of doing videos, and I can tell you the more I did, the easier it became.

I was moving along my video marketing journey and what happens they introduce Live Stream on Facebook.

Now it has become the hottest marketing medium out there, and I knew I had to learn how to use it.

Secret Formula To Build A Following Using Facebook Live – The Formula

I want to share Bob Heilig’s graphic that explains his formula so you can get the right visual.

Bob Heilig's Formula

Attention – the most valuable resource online is people’s attention.

So, how do you get their attention?  Here are the three ways to get and keep people’s attention.

1.   Being Authentic

Most people think they have to be professional and staunch on their videos.

What people want to see is an authentic likable person in front of the camera.

You just need to be yourself with all of your flaws, talents, and personality.

The more Genuine and Authentic you are the more people will want to watch and listen to you.

2.   Generosity

Don’t be stingy on the value and training that you provide to your audience.

I see people all the time using the “sizzle not the steak” philosophy when they are doing their videos.

I love what Bob was teaching in this area.

Be the person that gives and gives until it hurts.

You want people to think of you as the person who not only gives value but total value and training.

Of course, you want to keep some advanced training for those that want to excel in what you are teaching, but overall give it all.

3.   Consistency

Consistency is probably the one that most people have the biggest challenge.

When I talk about consistency, I don’t mean once a month or every so often.

What I mean here is to pick a schedule and stick to it.

That might be every morning at 9:00 AM or every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The key is to pick a schedule so people can start looking forward to joining you.

And then be consistent with that schedule!

Trust – build the following.

Once you have built that Trust with your audience something magical happens.

They Tell More People About YOU!

The more people they tell, the bigger your audience will grow and that should be your objective.

As your following grows so will attention and the formula just keeps on going.

Secret Formula To Build A Following Using Facebook Live – Summary

The secret to this Formula is getting started no matter what your fears are or what equipment you have.

If you have a smartphone you can get started doing your Live Streaming.

Then you put this easy formula into action and start growing your online following.

Again I want to thank Bob Heilig for this training and all the value that he continues to provide to everyone.

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