7 Ways To Build Rapport On FacebookToday I want to share with seven ways to build Rapport on Facebook.  I don’t mean spamming your company links everywhere or spamming Facebook!

I’m going to share with you seven types of posts that will help you build relationships and rapport instead of resistance.

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Understanding how to build rapport and relationships on Facebook and other Social Media platforms is essential if you want to succeed.

7 Ways To Build Rapport On Facebook

So here are the 7 Ways to change your Facebook feed for the better!

Understand that you don’t want just to do one of these, but you want to spread your post out amongst these categories.

For instance, quotes are great, but you need more.

  • Quotes – Positive, Motivational, Inspirational
    These can be found all over the web and share with your comments.
    I would not recommend trying to brand them with your information just share them!
  • How-to’s on marketing
    People love How-Tos on all different subjects.
    When you find an excellent how-to post or have something that you know how to share it.
  • Personal Adventure/Family/Team
    Take your friends on your adventures with you.
    People love to feel like they are experiencing your experiences right there with you and your family or team.
  • Entertainment
    Everyone loves good entertainment.
    Posting entertaining videos, stories or pictures will get everyone’s attention
  • Comedy
    Who doesn’t love a good laugh now and then?
    Too many people keep their post so solemn that you want to avoid them at all cost.
    Make people laugh they will come back for more.
  • Trivia
    Who doesn’t like to play trivia?
    I know I love it when someone posts a trivia question, and I can play along.
  • Social Proof on your success and your team’s success
    Everyone likes to see success.
    Whether it’s yours or your team’s success breeds more success.

I hope these make sense to you, and I promise if you change what you are doing on your Facebook wall and start using these types of post you will build rapport.

7 Ways To Build Rapport On Facebook

Understanding the Marketing on Facebook is all about building rapport and building relationships will change your success.

Anyone can get online and start spamming their company and product links everywhere.

It takes a good marketer to understand how to market properly.

Remember people do business with those they KNOW, LIKE, AND TRUST!

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