The Number 1 Ingredient To Building Your Brand OnlineIf you are looking to start Building Your Brand Online and join the Top Earners and Top Experts in your business you need to know this important ingredient.

What I am going to share with you comes from Tanya Aliza at Ray Higdon’s Personal Branding & Marketing Bootcamp.

Tanya Aliza’s session was all about the 5 Ingredients to Building a “Results Producing” Brand & Online Presence.

She listed the 5 Ingredients which you will find below and then proceeded to go into depth on each one.

I’m only going to share my insights on the first one.

The Number 1 Ingredient To Building Your Brand Online

Below are the 5 Ingredients Tanya presented:
  1.   Your Branded Infrastructure
  2.   Sexy Giveaway
  3.   Your Compelling Content or Value
  4.   Your Promotion
  5.   Conversions & Sales

Today I’m going to talk about the first one “Your Branded Infrastructure.”

She began by giving some examples of infrastructures that one might use.

  •   Facebook Page
  •   YouTube
  •   Google Plus
  •   Twitter
  •   Instagram
  •   Her’s and My Favorite —> Your Blog

The key is to pick one and then own it.

Build your tribe on that medium and provide value and training to your niche’.

Any of these platforms will work, and a multitude of top leaders are using one or all of them to build their brand online.

For me, though I prefer my Blog as my primary platform and here are some of the reasons why:

Ater watching the leaders and especially my mentor Ray Higdon everything linked back to their blogs.

  •   It’s Yours, You Own it and no on can take it away or shut you down.
  •   You have more control over your visitor’s actions
  •   It’s a real Residual Lead Strategy for your Business.
  •   It works for you 24/7 even while you sleep or vacation!
  •   Positions you as the Credible Authority so that People Take You Seriously.
  •   Builds a Relationship withYour Prospects without You Being Present.
  •   It Contributes to Higher Conversions with fewer Objections.
  •   It Builds you u as a mini-celebrity.

The Number 1 Ingredient To Building Your Brand Online – How It Works

So, here’s the basic idea on how this works.

Besides writing blog posts on a consistent basis with value for your market, you should be pushing all of your other platform posts back to your blog.

For example, you post something on Facebook and add a link to an appropriate post on your blog.

You obviously won’t do this for every Social Media post but 80% or so.

So when people go back to your blog they are exposed to:
  •   Value
  •   Recommended resources and training
  •   Lead Magnet exposure
  •   And your Story

Besides the Social Media platforms, you will start getting organic traffic from the search engines back to your blog.

Anytime you are out and about you can also be sending people to your blog.

In this scenario, you will need to concentrate on making sure your blog is structured to provide value, training, and information for your market.

The goal here is to provide value and collect leads, that’s it!

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