The Seinfeld Method Of Daily Email Communication

The Seinfeld Method of Daily Email CommunicationSo what does Jerry Seinfeld have to do with Email Marketing and what is The Seinfeld Method?  Are interested in increasing your email engagement hang around.

Communicating with your list on a daily basis is a high priority.

You need to be building a relationship with those people who have requested to get information from YOU.

So, when you wake up in the morning, one of the TOP things on your list should be Emailing!

The Seinfeld Method – What Is It?

Most of us remember the Seinfeld show.

The show was about NOTHING!  That’s right NOTHING!seinfeld

I wasn’t a cop show, or drama, or a science fiction series it was just about nothing.

It was basically about the everyday life Jerry Seinfeld and his friends.

No detailed overused plot just a story each week about them.

It was all about Story-Telling.

The Seinfeld Method – The Process

This is where most people are going to fail because you have to be consistent and daily.

The goal is to tell a story that can then be tied into something that you are giving away or selling.

Remember you are not just telling stories, they have to end with a CTA.

If you are not consistent with this process it just won’t work.

Your audience should be sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for your next email.

If the next email never comes or comes the next month your audience won’t be there.

The Seinfeld Method – Implementation

  • Begin thinking about your daily life in terms of a story.
  • Keep a log (mental or tangible) of the interactions you have each day.
  • Pay particular attention to those aspects that surprise, delight, or challenge you.
  • Choose one such event and write a marketing email as if you were talking to a friend.
  • Ask yourself: How can I tie this story back to a particular product or service that we offer?
  • Create a Call to Action that links to a related blog article, sales offering or piece of gated content.

A Reminder: Storytelling is NOT synonymous with length. Use exactly the number of words you need to tell your story—no more and no less.

The Seinfeld Method – Summary

In conclusion, if you are serious about building your business and want to take your business to the next level then Check This Out.

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List Building: How Important Is Having A Big List?

List Building: How Important Is Having A Big List?List building is something every Network Marketer or Business person knows is so very important.  The question is do you have to have a huge list to be successful?

Today I’m going to share with you the answer to that question and give you a resource that will show you how a Mom with a list of only 4,500 is a Millionaire.

If you were or are like I was you have always been taught that the fortune is in your list.

This made List Building such an important part of my business that all I could think of was creating a HUGE List so I could eventually become successful.

Don’t get me wrong a big list is certainly not a bad thing, but the question is do we really need a huge list before we can start making some good money and helping a lot of people.

List Building: How Important Is Having A Big List?

The answer to this question is NO.  You don’t need to have a big list to be successful in your Network Marketing Business or any business for that matter.

Diane Hochman, who is an industry millionaire only has a list of 4,500 and is top at what she does and is winning contests on a regular basis against list giants with 10’s and 100’s of thousands.

She did a webinar the other night talking about just that and a little on how she has accomplished so much with so little.

You can see the replay of this HERE!

She talks about the 3 stages of becoming a Marketing Superstar

  1. Promoter
  2. Personality
  3. Professional

She talks about the 3 Stages Of Promotion

  1. Pre-promotion
  2. Promotion
  3. Post-Promotion

She talks about the 3 Markets In Your Business

  1. Hot Market
  2. Cold Market
  3. Warm Market

This is just in the pre-course videos on how to Twist Your List and start building and making money on your list no matter what the size of your list.

If you are really serious about building your business and really take the most advantage of your list this is a course you just need to have.

Here are the 6 Main Modules of the course on List Building and List Twisting.

  • Module 1 – The Foundation
  • Module 2 – Set Up Your System
  • Module 3 – Bond Building Communications
  • Module 4 – Super Sales Communications
  • Module 5 – Mix & Match Newsletter Bingo
  • Module 6 – Romance & Keep Track of Your Prospects both Online and Off

This doesn’t include all the bonuses and the swipes from here winning emails and communications with her list.

VIDEO: List Building: How Important Is Having A Big List?


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5 Answers To Your Email List Questions?

5 Answers To Your Email List Questions?So now you have a list started how and what do you with your email list?  I probably get ask this on a weekly basis from people just starting out marketing.

I’m going to share with what I do and some ideas from Ray Higdon’s 3 Minute Expert Course.

I went through this same thing when I first started getting leads.  I was so excited that I was getting people to optin that I hadn’t even thought about what to do next.

From the time, we started our online marketing journey we have been told that the money is in our email list and that makes sense.

Very few leaders have taught us exactly how that works.  So we sat back all confused and not understanding what to do next.

Questions You Might Have On Your Email List

  • How often Do I Email my List?
  • What Do I Email my List?
  • Do I use Graphics in my Emails?
  • How Many Links Do I Put in my Emails?
  • Is There A Special Email Format I Should Use?

These are just the 5 questions that I had and you may have a lot more.

5 Answers To Your Email List Questions

1.     How Often Do I Email My List?

For me, I email my list every day.  I never want to lose touch with them.  Here’s a great quote,  “Go Where You Are Celebrated Not Where You Are Tolerated.”

I love this quote because I constantly get asked if emailing daily isn’t that too much.  Do you ever have people leave your email list because they think you email to much?

I think you can get carried away if you start to multiple emails in a day, but there are experts out there making a lot of money who can do that successfully.

Connecting with your list on a daily basis, in my opinion is pretty much a must.  Don’t do the “Guru Thing” which is they never email their list unless they are doing a product launch.

2.     What Do I Send My Email List?

This has always been a big question.  It mainly revolves around how many emails should be value based.

My answer to that is all of them.  Even when you are promoting an offer you should be providing value to those that buy and those that don’t buy.

Always be the one that’s known for the value you give.  Be sure to protect your list and become the person who is always giving value.

Here’s a great example without any link just an email.  The “No-Link” Email!

Just a quick email to see how I can bet help you, reply back with the number one struggle you are currently having and I will do my best to help.” Courtesy of the Guru himself Ray Higdon – thanks

3.     Do I Use Graphics In My Email List?

 The answer to this one is YES.  You may not want to add images to every email, but you certainly want to use them when appropriate.

There are all sorts of ideas when it comes to images.  Some just add to the email and make sense.  Others you can use to get them to follow a link to some great website.

Things like video splash screens that take them to a free video are always good.  Your imagination is the only thing you need.

4.    How Many Links Should I Put In My Emails?

This is a great question and the short answer is 1 or 2.  The more you put in your emails the less chance your readers will click on any of them.

I try to keep the links in my emails from 0 to 2 at the most.

Remember you are working on getting the people on your email list to interact with you not just delete your email when they get it.

5.     Is There a Special Email Format That I Should Use?

Personally I have not found that any particular format is better than another.  I tend to keep my emails short and spaced out so they are easy to read.

Keep the links to a minimum like we talked about in point 4.

Make them fun and full of Value and you should be just fine.

These are just the 5 things that I had questions about when it came to my email list and how to handle them.

If you want some exhaustive training on not only working with your email list, but all things marketing then you need to check out our 10 day trial to MLSP.

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