Not All CBD Oil Is Created Equal

Not All CBD Oil Is Created Equal

Not all CBD is oil is the same and there a few things you need to be aware of when looking to purchase CBD oil for your family.

Look out for Cheap oils that might not even have any CBD in them. Companies do not have to prove to anyone that what they say on the bottle is actually in it, so be careful!

Make sure the company posts 3rd party lab testing ON their website for every batch verifying the amount of CBD and that it is less than .03% THC complying with Federal Laws.

Make sure they use a c02 Extraction process, (more expensive) without chemicals and solvents that are harmful to your body and actually destroy the CBD and terpenes before the product is even packaged.

Ensure that you are buying a FULL PLANT extract, not an isolate, The Full plant gives the most benefits. Using the whole plant ensures all the phytonutrients in the plant and other beneficial cannabinoids are working together to provide an entourage effect which provides the most benefits for your body.

Anything less than a 500mg bottle (10mg CBD per serving) is not going to be enough CBD for most people with chronic and severe issues. Please Note that the size of the bottle has nothing to do with the amount of CBD in the products if the bottle is bigger, it most likely means they added more MCT (coconut oil) or olive oil to the bottle which waters down the CBD to save them money.

Make sure the CBD comes from an FDA compliant Farm, using organic processes and there are no chemicals, GMO’s or other harmful agents in the soil that will end up in your CBD. Our Farms are in Kentucky and are compliant with all FDA regulations and Federal laws.

Make sure their processing of the plant ensure that there is no time for molds to start growing before the CBD is extracted, you want to get healthy right? Make sure you aren’t taking something that could cause other health issues.

I see So many people just going to google and buying cheap stuff off the internet that is not the same as ours, it’s not as pure or organic, the processing and farms are not in the USA or overseen by the FDA, GMO’s and molds get in them… Most have additional fillers to fill the bottle, that Are not necessary and it is not the same strength as ours. On average ours is TEN times stronger! A lot of people see my posts and go online and get scammed for “NOT” free trial bottles then end up losing $90 and get put on autopayments of $90 per month!!

Our bottles have 50 servings of 10- 15mg of CBD per serving,(500 and 750 per bottle) theirs have about 20 -25 servings of 2mg CBD! That is not a cost saving to anyone especially since people are telling me every day the stuff doesn’t work! Our pet CBD oil has more CBD in it than that for only $39!

I just don’t want to see anyone one else getting scammed! FREE trials ARE NOT FREE! And all CBD oils ARE NOT THE SAME and won’t give you the same results my customers are getting.

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