Check Your Gauges – Tip #2

airplane gauges

As you are moving along this journey to success, you must always Check Your Gauges.  The challenge with most people is they check their gauges and then don’t actually believe what they are telling them.

This is tip #2 from Ray Higdon post on 11 tips to make one million dollars.

When I was going through my pilot training one of the first things they taught us was to believe our gauges.  “Check Your Gauges” the instructor would continuously say.

At one point of the training they would put a hood on you so you couldn’t see outside, then the instructor would take control of the plane and start doing all kinds of strange maneuvers.

The forces on your body would be telling you that you were diving when really you were climbing, or the you were turning when really you were going straight.

You were then given control of the plane and told to recovery if you didn’t Check Your Gauges before doing anything you could very well make the wrong move and end up crashing.  You had to believe your gauges, not how you felt or the results could be disastrous.

I believe this is what happens to so many of us in Network Marketing.  We Check Our Gauges and then we either don’t believe them or we think we know better and end up making a decision to change things to a crashing end!

The other thing that is important is to be checking the correct gauges.  When I was given back the plane from the instructor I didn’t start by looking at the fuel gauge, or the clock.  I immediately scanned the attitude indicator, the altitude indicator, and my airspeed the things that matter for me to be in a safe configuration to fly.

So many of us have used gauges like our broke hairdresser, our friend who hates everything, our family who only supports the traditional JOB plan and so many others that are like checking the clock or fuel gauge.  They just don’t matter for what you are trying to do.

The last thing I want to talk about is allowing your gauges to settle.  What do I mean by that.  I’ll go back to my pilot training days.

One of the other important things I was taught was to make small corrections and waiting for things to settle before making any more changes.  When flying a plane it only takes small adjustments to affect the outcome.  A slight pressure on the wheel to turn, slight pressure on the pedals to stabilize and so on.

You wouldn’t grab the wheel do a harsh abrupt maneuver unless danger was imminent.  You would make small course corrections to stay on track and small altitude corrections to stay at the correct altitude.

So the point of this tip is this;

  • Check Your Gauges – believe what they are telling
  • Be Sure They Are The Correct Gauges – Be sure you are checking with your mentors and people that care about your success and how you are building your business, not the naysayers!
  • Make Small Corrections – After checking your gauges be sure to make small corrections if needed.  Don’t get caught in the trap of making huge changes and then wondering why you never reach your destination.

It’s like having a map with your course all laid out for you and then not following it.  Check Your Gauges and have a great Flight!

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