Cold Market Prospecting and RecruitingCold Market Prospecting and Recruiting is an integral part of building your business.  Without training and practice, you will never build a huge team.

If you are interested in becoming an expert in Recruiting and Prospecting then you need to look at getting Ray Higdon’s Total Recruiting Mastery course NOW!

Mike Dillard when asked when should you prospect your Warm Market gave this answer – “As soon as you don’t care if they sign up or not.”

The lesson in this statement is that we need to detach ourselves from the outcome!

We need to get rid of our addiction to the outcome when it comes to our prospecting and recruiting whether it’s warm or cold market.

Cold Market Prospecting and Recruiting

Understanding how to prospect and recruit your cold market will make the difference between growing your organization or dying on the vine.

You need to Be the type of person YOU would want to sign up with!

3 Benefits of Cold Market Prospecting

  1.   They don’t know your History or Current Results.
  2.   There will always be people to talk to.
  3.   You will have people on your team that will run out of Warm Market that you need to teach!


  • Beg, Chase, Convince, Bug (cold or warm)
  • Act Small, Weak, Needy, Desperate.
  • Be Quick to Qualify Vs. Quick to Hail Mary.
  • Not Be BUSY – Always Be Busy!

Closing Expectations

  • It can take hundreds of hours to become a Master Closer.
  • Have a system that, if followed will have you close more cold market prospects.

Ways to Getting Cold Market Prospects

  • Network Meetings
  • Cold Calling Leads
  • Restaurants
  • Random Encounters

I want to make sure you understand that I am just sharing the highlights of Ray’s Total Recruiting Mastery course.

If you really want to get all of the modules and bonuses you need to get his course.

Don’t be afraid of presenting your product over the opportunity.  You might be surprised at how many other Network Marketers use MLM products.

Customers are very important and the lifeblood of your company and your business.

In the video below I will go into more detail.  Here are some other resources you may find useful.

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