Commitment, Persistence, and Enthusiasm

Commitment, Persistence, and Enthusiasm

Commitment, Persistence, and Enthusiasm

Commitment is doing the thing you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you. Taking responsibility to keep your WORD!  Speaking the truth and doing what you speak!

We want to do business with people that we can rely on.  It’s amazing how we may not be reliable but we only want to deal with people we can rely on.

Commitment starts with YOU! Your word is all you have, so protect it and be consistent and keep your commitment.

The killer of commitment is excuses which really are lies.  Commitment is going out on a limb, which is where all the fruit is anyway.

Emerson has been quoted saying, “Do the thing and you shall have power.”  You don’t wait for inspiration JUST DO IT!

Persistence is the dynamic aspect of your commitment, the doing phase over and over again.

Persistence is NOT struggle and effort!  It’s the absolute evidence of your commitment!

It’s the over and over action of your commitment.  I shall persist until I succeed. Og Mandino.  One of the things that George Zalucki talks about in his talk on the Profile of a Champion is the two parts of your mind.

He states in his talk how the thinker thinks and the prover proves.  What does that mean?  It simply means that what you are thinking about in your mind the prover proves.  So if you are continually thinking that you are a failure the prover has to prove that true.

So again one more expert encouraging us to guard our thoughts.  Stick to our commitments with persistence and right thinking.

Enthusiasm is the least expensive and beneficial cosmetic in the world.  Some of the most beautiful people in the world you can’t stand to be around because they have no Enthusiasm and yet someone who is considered homely and non-attractive with enthusiasm will light a up a room and draw multitude to them.

You become enthusiastic by acting enthusiastically!  If I begin to act the part it must show up in my reality.

You need to be enthusiastic in your own way, but you need to be!  There are only two types of people in the world, those who are inspired and those who are not!

I encourage you to listen to “Profile of a Champion” in total.  It will change how you think about your daily thought process and your thinking.

I hope this has given you some value … Please share with your team and comment below.

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