The Reward of Consistent Blogging In Your BusinessI wanted to share with you today the benefit of Consistent Blogging in your business. Over the past year my visibility, credibility, and ranking have exploded.

My journey started about two years ago after being exposed to Ray Higdon’s 3 Minute Expert course.

His course taught me and is still teaching me how to become an expert in my market through blogging.

In the beginning, it was something I knew I had to do.

Now blogging has become something that I enjoy every day as I go through my daily routine.

The Reward of Consistent Blogging In Your Business

So what has been the reward of Consistent Blogging?

Well, first of all, I have been rated the number 3 blog in my marketing niche and was interviewed by one of the top leaders in the business.

That is great, and I am very blessed for these honors.Alexa Rating 9-2016

But the thing that is most important to me is the fact that I am reaching so many people now helping them with their businesses.

I am consistently generating leads every day from people that want more information from me and more help.

The reason I’m posting this today is not to show off or brag, but letting you know that with some consistency and commitment you can have these same results

It takes me under an hour a day to put my post together and share it around.

The Reward of Consistent Blogging In Your Business

Where do you get the content?

I use a method I learned from my mentor and friend Ray Higdon in his 3 Minute Expert course called ILT.

If you are learning and developing who you are each day, then you have a library full of content ideas.

The concept is to Invest in your education and personal development.

Take time to Learn what you have invested in.

Then take it one step further by Teaching others what you have learned.

It’s that simple!

I hope this post will encourage you and spur you on to make blogging your marketing method of choice.

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