Conspiracy – Are You Addicted To Your Paycheck?

The Pay Check Conspiracy

The Pay Check Conspiracy

How many of us have been told when we were young, go to school, get a good job, and work for 40 years. This is the Pay Check Conspiracy that we all fell for growing up.

I will tell you my story that didn’t necessarily end the way that I planned it.  In fact in 1997 things happened that changed my life and plans completely.

My PayCheck Conspiracy Story

When I got out of the military in the early 80’s I was hired by a major company because of my military training and clearances.  I worked my but off and worked my way up the corporate ladder until 1986 at which time another company began wooing me.  I decided to switch and by early 1990 I was promoted to Vice President of Operations and was ask to take over the west coast operations.

I had fallen for the conspiracy hook line and sinker.  All was going well until spring of 1997.  All of a sudden within a few months our corporation was being shut down.  Everything that I had worked for and thought that I would retire at WAS GONE!

I was devastated!  All that I had worked for was gone and the only hope for a similar paying job was to move back to Washington D.C. My pay check as gone and I had to start looking for something to provide income.

I found Network Marketing and becoming an entrepreneur and escaped the conspiracy forever.

Now I don’t want you to think that I’m bashing those people that have a JOB and are working hard to provide for their families.  I’m back working for a company temporarily while I build again.

What I am saying is that if you want to create real wealth and security then you NEED to be in charge of your future.  You need to be the one that decides when you are going to get a raise, or when you can take a vacation, or when you need to take an extended leave for whatever reason.

You’ve heard the saying working paycheck to paycheck … well that’s all a part of the conspiracy that they never tell you.  They also never tell you that if something happens to your JOB the paycheck dries up and you have to find another one quick.

The days of working for the same company for 40 years and then retiring are far gone.  In this day and economy you will be lucky if you can be with a company for 10 years.

All that said there is a better way and it is the Network Marketing Profession.  You make your own future and the harder you work and the more people you HELP the more you are rewarded.

Listen to this interview between Eric Worre of NetworkMarketingpro.com and the World renown financiers Robert & Kim Kiyosaki.

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