Content Marketing - How to be the Pro BloggerSo, you’re looking to start Content Marketing and you want to become a Pro Blogger.  Today I’m going to take you through some basics that will help you get started right.

I will tell most if not all of what I have learned over the past 12 months has come from two places. To Learn Every facet of Content Marketing, you need to be a part of this system.

The other is my mentor, upline, and friend, Ray Higdon and his blogging training.

Ray that gets millions of hits each and every month.  He’s an incredible coach and teacher that knows how to bring the complex and technical down to a level that the beginner, intermediate, or advanced marketer can understand and use.

He also is a content marketing genius so there’s that… 🙂

Content Marketing – How To Become A Pro Blogger

1.     Starting from scratch

•     don’t spend time on the technical stuff…..find someone to do it.
•     Invest in mastermind, mindset and marketing skills.
•     Create Knock Out content, not pretty but value.
•     Use a blogging platform that does most of the work for your => MLSP Sites.

2.     Blog writing ideas

•    Craft the lifestyle that you love.
•    Define who your target market is
•    Who would you like to work with?
•    What are the problems of your target market
•   What are their desires
•   What do they struggle with
•   Where can you help them out
•   Keep it congruent with what you want and like
•   Content comes from conversations – what are people’s hangups
•   Something you’ve learned
•   invest in yourself, learn it, and then teach it … ILT
•   Google keyword tool or something similar like Market Samurai
•   Put out blockbuster content

3.      Formula for getting more leads and sales

•   create a video on what you have learned and point it to your lead capture
•   don’t just rely on a great capture page, but rely on yourself and what you bring to the table
•   be a provider of value, constantly serving your target market

4.      Video blogging

•   the video doesn’t need to impress, it needs to come across as being real.
•   use ScreenFlow or Camtasia if you nervous at first to make a talking head video
•   people like you being real… don’t put on a front that you are perfect … it’s so very powerful
•   talk about your fears and failures
•   tactic – come up with a concept, do your research,  put it together and then shoot the video.
•   talking head seems to do the best.

5.      Daily Mode of Operation

•   Publish blog
•   post on facebook, fanpage, relevant groups
•   post on twitter
•   post on google+
•   post to Pinterest
•   send emails your list

I can tell you from my own experience that once you get things set up and running, being consistent in your content marketing is the MOST Important thing you need to do.

You’ve probably heard the old cliche, “what have you done for me lately.”  Well, when it comes to the Internet and putting out FRESH content this totally applies.

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