If you are serious about building a long-term Network Marketing business then you need to understand MLM Culture and how to create it.

I was sparked on to write about this subject from Ray Higdon’s Rankmakers group and his training this morning.

Understanding the importance of having a culture that encourages and loves everyone is critical to have a legacy organization.

The Easy Secret To Creating a Long Term MLM Culture

I love the examples he uses to make the point of developing the culture.

Here’s the typical breakdown of people in your organization:

5% – $25k+ month

15% – $2k – $3k/month

80% – $0 – $500/month

First example:

Your local Gym – this is a great example.  Everyone that comes to the Gym doesn’t want to be a bodybuilder.

Some are there just to get some cardio and stay in average shape.

Others are there to lose some weight and build some new muscles.

And others are there to be the next Arnold Schawzenager, top Body Builder.

The owners of the gym realize that everyone doesn’t want to be that muscle-bound bodybuilder and those that just keep paying their membership fees are very important.

They are excited about the 5 percenters as well as the 80 percenters.

They create a culture and environment that is appealing to them all.

Second example:

Your Local Church – Again you will find people at your church that are at all different levels of participation.

Some are deacons, teachers, and preachers.

Others come to every event going on at church but don’t hold an office.

And others just show up on the occasional Sunday morning and are perfectly happy.

The Pastor and Elders of the church understand that everyone has a place and each is very important.

They create a culture and environment of love and encouragement for everyone.

What If These Two Examples Were Run by MLM’ers?

Because most people in Network Marketing don’t understand the MLM Culture it would probably be a disaster.

Can you imagine getting stopped at the door of your gym and made to feel bad because you didn’t look like Hercules or Athena?

I’m sure most of you would quit on the spot.

Or if you can to church on Sunday and the Paster accused you of not being a good Christian because you weren’t one of the deacons or didn’t invite anyone to come with you.

Again you would probably find a new church to go to.

The Easy Secret To Creating a Long Term MLM Culture – The Plan

So what’s the plan?

The most important thing you can do is stay away from things like new start training that puts people on notice.

Telling your prospects or new people that you won’t work with anyone who doesn’t go all out and do the max.

If you look at the examples above you know that if someone going to the gym or church wants more they have a plan for them.

So, you should be the same.

If you have an individual show up and want to be apart of the 5% then be sure to have a plan in place to take them to their goals.

Things like homework, accountability, training, and support.

Most importantly is to make everyone on your team feel wanted, respected and needed.

If you create the right MLM Culture you WILL Develop a long-lasting legacy Team, I Promise.

The Easy Secret To Creating a Long Term MLM Culture – Video

The Easy Secret To Creating a Long Term MLM Culture – Summary

So, the moral of the story is to love on your whole team and create a community that supports the 5% – 80%’s and you will succeed!

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