Creating Community In Your Network Marketing Team

Creating Community in Network Marketing

Creating Community in Network Marketing

Creating Community is so very important when it comes to Network Marketing. Creating Community and Building Community can be very different.

I think of two perspective of creating community that are important.

One is coming from the perspective of the leader or the person striving to create the community, and two the person in the community and wanting to be a part of a thriving community.

So, for those leaders that are working on creating community and building community there are 3 main things to concentrate on.

Creating Community as the Leader

  1. Be Attracting – You need to create an attracting atmosphere.  You will notice that Churches are a great example of creating community by being attractive.
    People will stay with your team or community much longer if they are attracted to the leader.  So you need to make yourself attractive.
  2. Do The Things You Want The Community To Do – If you want your community to be more consistent prospectors, then you have to be one.
    If you want your Community to rank up, use the product, or show up at events, then you have to.
  3.  Make Everyone In The Community Feel Good – At the end of the day you want the customers, small builders, and mega builders to feel like they belong and they are being treated well.
    You don’t want to have someone who just wants to be a product user feel like they are less in the community than that person building big.

So, if you keep these three things in mind you will not only start creating community you will start building a thrive community.

My mentor and friend Ray Higdon did a great podcast on this back in January.  I would really suggest subscribing to his podcast and listening everyday.

Now I want to take a look at it from the perspective of the community member.  What should you want and what should you do to add value to your community.

Creating Community as the Member

As a member you need to understand what your community is all about.  You need to be an active participant.  Whether you are just a customer or a serious builder you need to grab hold of the community you are in and participate.

Members sometimes think that it’s all the leaders responsibility to create the environment for the community.  The leader can only do so much.

If you are a member and not the leader of your community yet then be a participant and always strive to add value to the community.

Look at the 3 things that the leaders should be doing and start doing them on a small scale with your small community which will help within the larger community.

John Maxwell wrote a great book “360 Degree Leadership” that I highly recommend reading.

He talks about being a leader whether you are on the bottom, the middle, or the top.  This certainly applies to building your community.

If this has helped please share it with your team and comment below.

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