The Secret To Creating Great Valuable ContentSo What is the Secret to Creating Great Valuable Content? What if I were to tell you that it is as simple as three letters plus one?

I learned all about content and how to blog like a pro from the 3 Minute Expert Course by Ray Higdon.

I found out very quickly that the most important aspect of marketing online is to create valuable content.

The other thing that I learned is that you have to be consistent when it comes to producing that great content.

The Secret To Creating Great Valuable Content

Once I discovered the importance of this content thing, the next question was how.

How do I come up with fresh, new, valuable content on a consistent daily basis?

In the course, 3 Minute Expert Ray teaches a method called ILT.

The whole concept behind the ILT method is Invest, Learn and then Teach what you have learnt.

If we are spending time learning and working on our personal growth then we will always have something to write about.

In the video below I will go into more depth and here are some other posts that may help you.

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VIDEO: The Secret To Creating Great Valuable Content


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