The Importance of Creating Reusable ResourcesAre you trying to grow your business being the go-to person on your team or are you creating Reusable Resources to train and build your team?

I know exactly how you feel because I felt the same way.

I felt like I had to be the person that knew everything and had all of the answers.

Doing EVERYTHING myself was dragging me down and I was becoming unproductive.

I was unable to build a large team being the only resource for the team.

The Importance of Creating Reusable Resources

So, what exactly are Reusable Resources?

Let’s say that you have some people asking you the same question over and over again.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could point them to a video, blog post, or audio that would answer all of their questions?

I will tell you that if your company already has some of these resources available then use them.

If not then you need to start creating your own.

So, every time you do training make sure that you are either creating a video or audio of that training.

It wasn’t until my mentor, and friend Ray Higdon taught the value of setting up these resources.

The Importance of Creating Reusable Resources – The Benefits

There are so many benefits to creating these resources.

Here are just a few of the main ones.

  •   Creates a Duplicatable System for your team.
  •   Leverages Your Time and Efforts.
  •   Positions you as a Leader within your team.
  •   Allows you to build a scalable team.

Once you have resources available now, you need to teach your team to use them also.

When a teammate calls you and ask for help, you can direct them to the resource and also teach them to do the same thing with their team.

The Importance of Creating Reusable Resources – Summary

So, the next time you do a Facebook Live, Youtube Live, or any Training be sure to archive it for future use.

Remember there is only one of you, and one of the main reasons most people get into Network Marketing is for the Time Freedom.

If you are the Shell Answer Man and are spending all of your time answering questions and training, you will never have that freedom.

Point and Click are such easy concepts and so very duplicatable.

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