The Secret To Creating The Perfect WebinarHave you ever wondered what the Secret was to Creating The Perfect Webinar? Today I’m not only going to tell you but give a FREE Tool!

Being able to create The Perfect Webinar is like building an ATM from your computer.

First, let me say that you will not have an excellent webinar your first few times.

It’s going to take practice and doing webinars as often as possible.

I love this quote – “You Don’t Have To Be Great To Start, But You Have To Start To Be Great!”

The Secret To Creating The Perfect Webinar

I believe there are Four Sections to a great webinar.

1.    Intro

The Intro is where you introduce not only you but what you are about to share on the webinar.

There are Five parts to the Intro: 

1.   A Bold Promise
2.   Hook To The End
3.   Command Attention
4.   Qualify Yourself
5.   Future Pace

Understanding each of these and the importance to the whole webinar is essential.

One of the best courses I have taken over the years on webinars is Steve Jaffe’s Webinar Sales Magic.

He talks in depth on each of the above Intro parts.

2.    Content

In the content, section is where you are going to be presenting the meat of your presentation.

Ray Higdon is a master at content in his blog and on his webinars

You need to give the ONE THING that is the main thread of your training and then tell them about three secrets that you will share with them.

3.    Stack

“Let Me Ask You A Question.”

This Question is the introduction to your offer.

Stacking is the method whereby you stack testimonials on top of the value of your offer.

In Russell Brunson’s The Perfect Webinar flowchart and CD, he goes into depth on the stack, and it’s power

4.    Close

Of course, the close is the most important side of the webinar for us.

The close and so much more is covered in his free Perfect Webinar strategy.

The Secret To Creating The Perfect Webinar

I hope this has helped you and got you excited about getting you The Perfect Webinar From Russell Brunson.

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