Secret Daily Operation That Will Change EverythingIf you are not doing this Daily Operation, your business will never be that legacy that you desire, and you will probably not make it.

I know this statement seems kind of-of harsh, but it’s the truth.

If you are not doing this, then your business will shrivel up and die.

Understand that life can quickly knock us off course especially if we don’t have a daily plan.

Secret Daily Operation That Will Change Everything

So, this secret is a two-fold activity.

First, you have to be doing PROFIT PRODUCING ACTIVITIES throughout your day, period!

Things this DOESN’T Include:

  •   Straightening your desk
  •   Cleaning Your Office
  •   Making Lists
  •   Going through your email
  •   Visiting with friends
  •   Walking the dog
  •   Cutting The Grass
  •   ETC…

You get what I’m saying, right?

Things this DOES Include:

  •   Connecting with new people
  •   Getting people in front of your presentation
  •   Follow-ups
  •   Phone Calls to Prospects
  •   Webinars for your business
  •   Closing Prospects
  •   Personal Development

These are just the main items.

The key is anything that directly results in building your team, your business and yourself.

I will confess to you that the organization and getting ready to get ready was something I struggled with for many years.

Being a scientist/engineer, it was what I was taught.

You have to get past the busy work and get on with building and helping others.

The second fold of this secret is always to be putting people on the conveyor belt through your funnel.

Meaning every day you should be connecting and putting individuals in front of the presentation and started down the assembly line.

The more people you can get started down the line the more success you are going to have.

Secret Daily Operation That Will Change Everything – VIDEO

If you are currently looking for a business, here is what I’m doing.  If you are happy with your business then Let’s rock this year out.

So, I would love to know how you are doing with these in your business.  Please share that with us in the comments below.

It’s the beginning of 2017, and you have the chance to TRANSFORM your business starting TODAY!

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