MLM Success Tips: Daily Operations are a Must!

MLM Success Tips: Daily Operations are a Must!

One of the best MLM Sucess Tips that I can give you is to perfect your Daily Operations.  The Top Earners in our profession will tell you that having a DMO, Daily Mode of Operation is a MUST!


What is Daily Mode of Operation?

Daily Mode of Operation is a must for anyone who is serious about building a home-based business. In this post, I’d be telling you not just what a Daily Mode of Operation means, what it entails, but also how to go about setting up one that would work excellently for you.

The truth is that things can really get very overwhelming on the web. I mean you get to your laptop to do some work and you see a very lovely link (it usually starts from facebook), you click on it and on and on you go on to another link till you see that you have not accomplished a lot of the things you set out to do online.

What is even more pathetic is that we claim there is not much time to do all of the things we want to do, yet the time we have is spent at unproductive activities which eventually make a lot of people feel guilty.

Why You Need A Daily Mode of Operation

Without a Daily Mode of Operation, you WILL end up making a mess of your business efforts.

MLM Success Tip: Consistency

I was having a conversation with someone who is seemingly frustrated online. They asked me if common people really make money from a home-based business or it’s only the gurus that keep milking the poor guys.

They told of how they had bought so many books and CDs and how they hadn’t even had the time to read, listen and watch a truckload of them.

How to Avoid the Trap of Incessant Product launches

If you have a lot of products that you have not used, you do not need a soothsayer to tell you that you are buying too much and that you should just stop buying and start using what you have.

For instance, what’s the purpose of a doctor buying medical instruments that he doesn’t use? That wouldn’t make sense to him, and it shouldn’t to you too.

Something I see lacking in many people just starting in the Home-based business circles is the lack of determination to get started and maintain a Daily Mode of Operation, where every one of their activities is hinged.

For instance, I know that I cannot be online for 24hrs. It’s not even recommended health-wise. I have a series of activities that I have jotted down somewhere in my pad (Yes, I still love the old-school pen and paper).

They are activities I engage in on a daily basis. I do them every day. I train myself to stay consistent in doing them. Is it easy to stay consistent with them?

No. But like I tell some of my friends, I’d rather do this now that I can and reap the rewards thereafter than leave my business to chance.

Then if while in the course of the day, I come across something I need to implement online, I make sure I pen it down and add it to my list for that particular day.

I know people who use Google calendar, and it works very well. You might want to try it out.

Key Points to Help Kickstart Your Daily Operations

1.    The first thing is actually making out time to have a Daily Mode of Operation and commit to having one in the first place.

How you will do this depends on how important your business is to you and what it is you are looking to achieve in your business.

2.    Like Jim Rohn said, work more on yourself than on your business.

That means you should constantly commit to your personal development and continual appraisal of why you are doing what you are doing.

For me, it has to do with reading or continue reading a personal development book. I am currently reading ‘The Secret of the Millionaire Mind’ by Harv Eker. Lovely book!

3.      If you are in Network Marketing like I am, you must get in touch with people as regards your business.

Talk to people about your business using the principles of attraction marketing on facebook, Skype, etc.

Or call your optin leads and build a relationship with them.

4.    Produce at least one content daily, be it Facebook Note, Blog Post, Press Release, Article, Hubpage, Video, Slide Share, starting a forum thread in a place like BetterNetworker etc

5.    A good advice will be for you to plan ahead the day before so you can give your brain work to do in the course of your sleep.

6.    Don’t beat yourself up if you fail to keep up with your daily mode of operation.

Learn to be flexible. What is not so great is you going an entire week without sticking to your schedule.

Occasional lapses here and there is not the end of the world. For instance, I have had days when there just was no internet access, days when my laptop suddenly malfunctioned.

What do you do when something like that happens? So don’t beat yourself up. Okay?

7.      Continually review your Daily Mode of Operation and make necessary adjustments to suit your circumstances and objectives.

Remember you are not in competition with anyone. Your goal should be to stick to your Daily Mode of Operation as consistently as possible.

Did you notice I did not advise you to go around tweeting a ton of tweets, or mention checking your email, or hanging out on facebook all day and commenting on all status updates you see on your homepage?

Spend your time on income-producing activities and I tell you the results are a great motivator.

Here’s a great post on Daily Operations from my mentor and friend Ray Higdon.

So hopefully you now understand how important your daily operations are in building your Network Marketing Business.

As I said at the beginning this is one of the most important MLM Success Tips I can give to have a Successful Network Marketing Business.

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