Does Blogging Consistently Really Work For Getting Leads?I get this question almost on a daily basis, does blogging consistently really work for getting leads.  The Answer is a Resounding YES and today I’ll tell you why!

Back at the beginning of this year, 2015 I started learning about blogging and how it should really be done.

I took an incredible course from my mentor, upline, and friend Ray Higdon because that’s what you do when you want to learn something new, right.

So I went through the course and was amazed at the content, but even more I was amazed at how much I learned and how it really helped my blog.

Learning Blogging Consistently Like The Big Dogs

The first thing I realized that putting out content every so often and not being consistent just doesn’t work.  Let me tell you why.  The top marketers are BLOGGING CONSISTENTLY and if you want to compete at all once a week or a couple times a month won’t get it!

One of the biggest questions I get when it comes to blogging is where do you get your ideas to blog about?  This is a great question and was probably the reason that most people including me don’t blog daily or as often as they should.

In Ray’s course, the 3 Minute Expert he teaches you about ILT.  ILT is a method for coming up with content whenever you need it.

I – This is for Invest in your learning and education.  It may be free, paid, webinar, etc.  The key is to be in a constant learning mode to work on your personal development.

L – This is for Learning and using what you have invested in.  Doesn’t do much good to go to school and then never be able to or choose not to use what you have learned.

T – This is what most people don’t do and that’s Teach others what you have invested and learned.  Most people will do the I and the L, but if you really want to be known as an expert in your niche then you need to add the T.

After learning all of this content, I started putting it into ACTION!  When I started this journey my blog was at around 27 million on the Alexa.com ratings.

I wasn’t getting any leads no matter how hard I tried, at least not coming from my blog.

I added one more thing to this journey I was on and that was to start using a system called MLSP.  This is an amazing affiliate system, not an MLM, that gives you incredible training, tools, and support for building your primary MLM Business online and offline.

After blogging consistently for the past months and implementing just a few of the marketing techniques that I learned through MLSP here is where I am at.

My Alexa.com score has dropped to 287,000, in consistently getting 3 – 4 hundred new visitors to my blog daily and I’m generating 10 -15 new leads every day.

Here’s a picture of the leader board from MLSP as of yesterday.

MLSP Leader board 11-19-2015

Have I arrived yet, not at all?  Am I on my way, ABSOLUTELY!

This is a journey of blogging consistently and making a commitment to continue learning, growing, and teaching others.

Here’s what I can tell you that my business has changed significantly and is changing on a daily basis because I chose to make a decision to start blogging and not just blogging but blogging consistently and with a purpose.

Here’s the last thing I will tell you. MLSP has just launched their newest tool, MLSP Sites.  All I can say is if you are considering going down the blogging journey then you NEED to get MLSP and their Sites tool.



Stop struggling and start BLOGGING!

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