Dream Like a Child Again!

Dream Like a Child Again

Dream Like a Child Again

Dream like a child.  Do you remember when you were 5 or 6 years old and family members would ask you, “What do you want to be when you grow up.”  We wouldn’t even hesitate before blurting out our answer with excitement and passion.

What happen to that ability and desire to dream like we did when we were a young child.  I can vividly remember when I was ask what my answer always was.

Two things that just made me so excited about were flying and going into space. That was all that I would dream about.  I would get books from the library and study flying and everything about it.

As I got older I would write reports when it was assigned on my dream of flying and getting into space.  It wasn’t very far along in my life when life itself took hold and everything changed.

Right after high school I ended up in the Army, some draft thing, and from there life began to progress at an incredible pace that just wasn’t going to stop.

Well today I have my pilot’s license which was my dream for many years.  I actually got my license while I was in the service back in the 70’s, but I have never made it to space yet!

Most of us, even if we have reached some of our childhood dreams have forgotten how to dream as adults, or at least how to dream like a child.

To DREAM the dreams in life that just keep us awake with excitement and passion.  Do you really remember what that was like when all you could think about was that dream.

Remember how we just didn’t care what others thought about our dream or how silly anyone thought it was because it was yours and it gave you that passion and excitement inside that was just indescribable.

We need to sit down regularly and clear our hearts and minds from life and just dream and feel that excitement again.  The more times you do the easier it becomes.

It’s like exercising, you struggle at first but then it becomes a habit and something that you look forward to.  You NEED to re-kindle that dream spark again.

I love the content that one of our leaders puts out and the name of his blog “The Higher Life Design.”  Jefferson Santos.  He talks about dreaming again and many ways to achieve that higher life.

Take the time today and sit down, clear away all the dust, mud, and muck of daily life and just DREAM!

Share this with your team and help them get dreaming again and give me some comments and thoughts below please.

Have a great day and enjoy your dreams.  God Bless

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