Duplication vs Complication!

Duplication vs Complication

Duplication vs Complication

Duplication vs Complication …. Duplication wins every single TIME!  If you are duplicatable your team will never be the dynasty that I know you want.  You need to take YOU out of the picture!

The more you are in the picture as the expert, the less duplicatable you become.  Everyone can’t be YOU!  What they can do is push PLAY on a DVD or send a link to a prospect to watch a company video.

You’ve heard of the KISS philosophy.  Keep It Simple Stupid!  You need to have a system that even the youngest to the oldest team member can do.  From the smartest to the average.

The simpler and more the better the duplication the bigger and more solid your team will become.

You, as the leader need to guard your team from Complication.  Complication in any part of your business will cause it some significant challenges.

You are going to have people on your team that will want to reinvent the wheel.  They will believe that they have a better way to build, prospect, and train.  They will want to take what is a simple system and complicate it for the sake of complication.

You need to do everything you can to discourage this.  Encourage the team to use the system in place and just continue to duplicate, duplicate, duplicate!

My biggest challenge when I first started building teams was to want to know everything and be the Main Go To Guy!  This caused a number of challenges for my team.

  1. Everyone wanted to bring their prospects to me and put them in front of my presentations.
  2. Because I was thought of as the Answer Man my time was packed answer questions that should have been answered by the corporate office.
  3. Because nobody thought they could do what I could do I was the only leader and it was like having another JOB not Freedom.

I needed to take ME out of the equation and use the system and teach my team to do the same.  I needed to build other leaders and that could only be done through Duplication.

The moral of the story is to use the system that is in place for your company or team.  Make it as easy and duplicatable as possible.  Duplication vs Complication … Duplication wins!

If you are really working towards that at the beach income and a large team of leaders you need to master easy duplication and have a system to accomplish that.

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