Earning Your First 1000 a month is the hardest – Tip #8

Earning Your First 1000

Earning Your First 1000

Earning you first 1000 a month is harder than earning 100,000 a month.  I remember as a child growing up getting my first job and thinking that someday I would make more than $1 an hour…. getting that first $10 an hour job took forever but once I did it was only a few years later that I crossed the 6-figure income point.

I know that’s not quite the same situation but here is where it is the same.  It took me awhile to learn the skills I needed for an employer to believe that I was worth that $10 an hour salary.

Once I had learned that skill set it was much easier to continue to learn and scale what I was doing to get the income I really wanted.

That is the same in Network Marketing.  Earning your first 1000 a month of steady income is the hardest.  It takes learning new skills, developing the right mindset, lots of failure along the way, and consistency.  The good news is once you have learned these skills, now you can just scale them up to increase your income.

I love Ray’s quote “The hardest time is when you are not making any money.”  This is so true.  When you aren’t making money on a monthly basis it affects everything.

  • Your self esteem is low because you start thinking you are a failure.
  • Your credibility is low because no one sees you having any success.
  • Your spouse starts getting frustrated with the time and effort you are using without any results.
  • You start losing your passion if you are just not making any income.

You will be amazed at what happens once you are earning your first 1000 a month.  Things change in you and around you

  • Your self esteem is high because you are having success.
  • Your credibility grows because now you are proof that it works.
  • Your family suddenly is onboard with what you are doing and even interested.
  • Your passion grows and it shows to others and your team.

So the key to this tip is to NOT QUICK!  Stay the course and I promise two things.

  1. It will be hard and a lot of work and changes in who you are and what you are doing.

I hope this has inspired you to continue to work and persevere to get to earning your first 1000 a month!

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