5 Secrets to Capturing Effective Testimonial VideoUnderstanding the best way to Capture Effective Testimonial Video can make the difference between someone watching the testimony or not.

There are right and wrong ways to get a real testimonial.

Not all testimonial videos are created equal.

If you are just going to pick up your phone and shoot the video haphazardly then you might as well not do it at all.

Having great testimonies can certainly make the difference between getting a customer or losing one.

5 Secrets to Capturing Effective Testimonial Video

The one thing you don’t want to do is film your testimonies in a hotel and with some strange background and haphazard.

It’s okay to get some quick interviews when you are at events, but if you want that professional look to your testimonials, then you have to go a step further.

Make sure you have a great looking background

1.   Off Center

You want the person you are interviewing needs to be off center in the frame.

Use the rule of thirds.

You should not put your subject in the middle but off to one-third or the other.

2.   Don’t Look At the Camera

Next thing is never to have your subject looking directly at the camera.

You should be standing off to the side of the camera so they can be looking at you and not at the camera.

When they are watching the camera they will come off looking insincere and as if they are trying to sell you something.

3.   You Feed Your Subject The Questions

You should be the person asking the questions so you get the right story out.

Here is a good path to take for the questions.

Beginning – Where the person was before they started with you.

Journey – What their experience was along the was/

Result – What was the final result that has changed things for the person

You don’t know where the person is that is watching this testimony so taking your subject through this journey will make a great Testimonial Video.

4.   Edit Out You Asking

For the final production, you want to edit you out of the video.

The final product should only have the answers that were given by the subject.

5.   Add A Music Track

And finally, you should add a soft non-abrasive music track that plays very softly in the background.

This just helps make it all tie together and more professional.

I hope this few simple steps will help you the next time you go to make a Testimonial Video with one of your happy customers.

Effective Testimonial Video Example

This is a video testimonial done by Russell Brunson that is great.


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