How To Do An Effective Three Way Conference CallSome people will tell you that knowing how to do an effective Three Way Conference Call is like having a Magic Close System.

Having someone in the role of leadership that knows how to do a good 3-way call is critical.

The last thing you want to end up becoming is the shell answer man.

This will cause your prospect to think they have to become the same thing.

I will say that I’m not a huge fan of 3-way calls, but if you are going to do them you need to do them correctly.

How To Do An Effective Three Way Conference Call

Another great reason to use 3-way calls is for the third party validation.

Adds to your credibility, the team’s credibility, and the company credibility.

This assumes you have a leader that is seasoned and good at doing Effective 3-way calls!

And lastly, the newest person can get their very first sign up later in the day if the leader is a closer.

How To Do An Effective Three Way Conference Call – The Formula

The first thing you need to do is provide your leader with some information about your prospect.

  •   How do you know them
  •   What do they do
  •   What are they looking for
  •   Who this person is
  •   What do they like best
  •   Give them as much ammo as possible.

You need to give the leader as much background information as you can prior to the call.

Once you have done the proper intros at the beginning of the call and turn it over to the leader, close your mouth.

You need to let the leader do their job without you jumping in everytime you have a thought.

At the beginning of the call introduce the leader and edify, edify, edify them.

Don’t introduce the prospect with more position than the leader.

How To Do An Effective Three Way Conference Call – The Edification

Leah Rae Getts gave me a great formula for edifying your leader.

Use the personality colors when you edify that person.

  •   Red – A type around money
  •   Green – Analytical
  •   Blue – Having Fun
  •   Yellow – Wants to help others.

So, it might go something like this;

John is a 7-figure earner and developed a huge team in just a short period of time (RED), He is also a master when it comes to internet marketing and building online (Green), John has an amazing heart for service, training and helping his team succeed (Yellow) and he’s just an all around fun guy to be around and hang with (Blue)!

The upline leader then needs to edify you in front of the prospect.

How To Do An Effective Three Way Conference Call – The Meat

This is when the leader should answer the prospect’s questions and control the conversation.

At the end of the call, the upline leader should be skilled on closing the prospect or at least close the call knowing where to go next.

How To Do An Effective Three Way Conference Call – Summary

The success of your 3-way calls is going to be dependent on your ability to start the call properly, be Quiet during the call and having a leader that’s skilled in closing!

So, don’t shy away from 3-way calls just strive to make them the best you can with the best leader you can.

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