Looking For The Secret To Endless Relevant ContentHow would you like to have and Endless source of valuable, Relevant Content to post every day and become an expert in your market niche’?

If you are struggling with where to find content and what to post, you are in the right place.

I can tell you the most useful course I have taken over the years on this subject is Ray Higdon’s 3-Minute Expert.

Looking For The Secret To Endless Relevant Content

When I first started blogging and putting content out, I had a very hard time trying to figure out what to share.

Finding relevant, valuable content eluded me.

My first challenge was why anyone would listen to me?

I was a newbie at this and just didn’t know that much.

I knew the technical side of things, but the content side was my big challenge.

Looking For The Secret To Endless Relevant Content – The SECRET

So, what exactly is the secret that changed everything?

ILT - Invest, Learn, Teach




It’s that simple, three little letters.

After I had learned ILT and put this process to use, my business changed drastically.

So, what does ILT stand Mean?


We all are or should be investing in our education.

Whether it’s for our business or personal growth, we need to invest.

We Invest our time and our money to grow and get better.


Once we Invest in our education and growth, we need to learn it and put it into practice, so we have some results.

It’s here where most people stop the process.

We Invest and Learn and then just stop there.


Teaching what we have Invested in and Learned is where your endless supply of valuable content can be drawn.

This is when you start becoming one of the experts in your niche’.

People will start looking to you for the answers to their challenges and pain points.

Relevant Content – Idea Sources

Here’s is a short list of source ideas that might help:

  •   Courses you take or have taken
  •   Seminars you have attended and taken notes
  •   Grocery store magazines for your niche’ market
  •   Best Selling books in your niche’
  •   Forums
  •   What’s hot currently in your marketplace
  •   Guru’s Social Media, blogs, sales pages
  •   The list goes on…

Looking For The Secret To Endless Relevant Content – VIDEO


Looking For The Secret To Endless Relevant Content – Summary

The reality is that there are content ideas all around us.

Using Ray’s ILT method will give you an Endless supply of Relevant Content for life.

Understand, it only works if you put it into ACTION.

The Best way to build an audience, become an authority, and Attract Perfect Reps and Customers is to Out-Teach Your Competition through Free Content. – Ray Higdon

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I would love to hear your how your content generation journey is going.  Please share that with us in the comments below.

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