Some Essential Video Tools and Ninja WeaponsIf you are going to be doing Video Marketing then you need to know what Video Tools you need to make your mark in the video world.

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Most people think that they have to have the very expensive equipment to start their Video Marketing journey.

Well, that’s just not the case and I’m going to share that with you today.

You are going to find your starting costs are going to be minimal and very affordable.

Some Essential Video Tools and Ninja Weapons

1.     Camera

This is the one thing that people get worried about.

They think they have to go out and spend a fortune on a high-end camera or they won’t have good videos.

It’s just not the case!

I believe there are 4 options that you have that are either no cost or very low costs.

1.    Your Cell Phone – Our phones these days have amazing cameras built into them
2.    Your Laptop Webcam – I have a Macbook Pro and love the built in webcam
3.    Your Desktop Webcam – A lot of the desktop computers now are all in one’s that also have built in webcams
4.    An inexpensive USB Webcam – I have the Logitech C930 which is a pretty high end but you can get ones for much less.

So, don’t fret over the camera you most likely have the best camera going right in your hand right NOW!

2.     Audio

Nothing worse than having a great looking video that sounds terrible.

If you are going to spend any money on video tools you need to make sure you have a good mic!

I use two mics.

The First one is my Blue Yeti USB Microphone that I use when I’m doing a screencast or doing video from my laptop webcam.

The Second is my Lavalier Lapel Microphone that connects directly to my iPhone.  This is what I use most of the time.

As a minimum, you should have a good lapel mic to start with and you will have a great video system with you phone and mic.

3.     Lights

These are one of those things again that people feel like they have to spend hundreds and hundreds on.

The reality is you really don’t.

First, the best lighting you can get is outdoor sunlight, which is absolutely free.

One of the first things I did in my office before I bought professional lights was to switch out my lights with daylight lights.

This made a huge difference and was very inexpensive.

When I made the switch to better lighting I found this package, Photography Photo Portrait Studio on Amazon that was complete and not very spendy.

I ended up getting this package, LimoStudio Photo Video Studio Light Kit because it came with a green screen setup for things I want to do in the future.

The point is there are many choices out there from inexpensive to the expensive full blown studio kits.

4.     Ninja Tips

Here are two tips that will also help you.

You should get yourself a good Tripod with an Adapter to hold your phone.

You should also get yourself a good Selfie Stick with a built-in Bluetooth remote.

I believe with these two additional items you will become the Ninja Video Marketer you can be.

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VIDEO: Some Essential Video Tools and Ninja Weapons

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