Exercise vs Diet For A Healthy LifestyleHave you ever wondered when it comes to weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle which is more important Exercise vs Diet, well I sure did?

After having open heart surgery four weeks ago, I started to do some serious research into exercise and diet.

I knew I had to change my diet to incorporate more heart-healthy foods but what about weight loss?

The last thing I wanted was to be disabled and not be able to enjoy the lifestyle I am building with my Network Marketing business.

Being overweight is very taxing on your heart and your whole body, so it’s important to reach a healthy weight and then maintain it.

Exercise vs Diet For A Healthy Lifestyle

“As a rule of thumb, weight loss is generally 75 percent diet and 25 percent exercise. An analysis of more than 700 weight loss studies found that people see the biggest short-term results when they eat smart.

To achieve a Healthy Lifestyle, it is my opinion that you need both a healthy diet and a daily exercise routine.

The combination of both will help you maintain a healthy weight and a healthy body.

Exercise vs Diet  – Exercise Calorie Burn

A 154-pound man who is 5′ 10″ will use up (burn) about the number of calories listed doing each activity below. Those who weigh more will use more calories; those who weigh less will use fewer calories. The calorie values listed include both calories utilized by the activity and the calories used for normal body functioning during the exercise time.

Exercise vs Diet – Food Calories

It would be way too much to list all foods and their associated calories here, but here’s a great website that will help you out with that.

I’m not one for spending my day counting calories for my intake or how many I burn, but I am changing my lifestyle diet choices in general and doing daily exercise now.

Since I was in the hospital til now four weeks later, I have dropped over 20lbs and feeling much better in that area of my life.

Exercise vs Diet – Summary

The bottom line: What you eat matters more than how you work it off, but fitness will push you past plateaus and help you achieve your ultimate goals.

If we are going to enjoy the legacy, we are building with our Network Marketing business then making our health a priority is something we all should be doing.

It doesn’t make sense to build a business only to have health challenges that won’t allow you to enjoy your new lifestyle!

Let’s make 2017 a year of health and wellness and financial success in all of our lives.

Here’s a great video on the food we eat and the supplements we take, worth the watch

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