Facebook Engagement To New Heights With These Easy StepsAll of us would love to have more Facebook Engagement on our Facebook Profiles and Fan Pages.  The Easy Steps will help you take your Engagement to new Heights.

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What I am going to talk about today though is how to step up your Engagement on your Facebook Posts.

Facebook Engagement To New Heights With These Easy Steps

So without further ado let’s get into it.

1.   Edge, Affinity, Weight, and Time

Edge –  You can think of edge as a post, so every time you post something new on Facebook, you’re creating a new edge. The edge is like the content, right? That’s the actual post.

Affinity  – Affinity measures how close your page’s relationship is with each person that’s interacting with you.

Weight – Weight is what measures the popularity of your post based on the amount of interaction it’s getting. A ton of comments, a ton of likes and shares that will give that a lot of weight.

Time – Time is very, very simply a factor of the older the post, the lower its EdgeRank gets.

2.   Comment, Like, And Share

This step seems obvious to most of us, but it’s one of those things that people just aren’t doing.

The Golden Rule of Facebook Edgerank – The more you engage in content, the more they see yours.

3.   Private Messages

Private back and forth conversations are proven to cause Facebook to show your status updates to them.

The more people that you reach out to message the more Facebook believes that you have a relationship with that person.

The conversation has to be more than just one way.  People have to reach back to you.

4.    Ask Questions

Use topics that are controversial and trending, as well as questions you want to know the answers.

Asking questions on what’s trending or controversial will cause engagement and start the process for more Facebook Engagement.

5.   Identify Your Post Type

What kinds of posts get you the best engagement? Pictures? Text? Questions? Links? Videos? ETC.

You need to know which one of these types get you the most engagement.

You should go back and look at your most popular posts and see what types they are.

Be sure to look at all of the analytics for each of the posts (likes, shares and comments).

6.   Revive your old status updates

When you comment on old status updates, you can bring them back to life and recirculate them in the newsfeed.

Very few people know this or understand the power of this step.

So go back to some of your old popular post and recirculate them.

7.    Best Time Of Day To Post

This is different for everybody so you have to look at your posts to decide.

Review previous popular posts and identify which time of day gets the best engagement on your posts.

You might be surprised at what the answer really is.

Understand that when you post is not necessarily when it gets to everyone’s timeline.  Facebook has an algorithm they use to drip out your post.

So, there are the 7 steps to take your Facebook Engagement to new heights.

I hope this has helped you and you will try these and see some serious results.

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